All Tied Up

December 8th

I am not one to spend lots of money on fancy wrapping paper. Instead, this Christmas, I’m using things I already had around the house and a large dose of creativity. To wrap my advent gifts, all 250 of them, I used my alphabet stamping set, some red ribbon, a bunch of brown paper bags, some silver paper, and one $4 box of ornaments I purchased at Ikea. Viola — a bit of Christmas craftiness.

advent gifts, numbered
advent 1
advent wrapping

Using what you have is satisfying and challenging. The added benefit is getting back a few more shelves in my studio. I spent about 6 hours crafting yesterday, only to put everything away last night and have the closet doors close with ease. Woo hoo!

If I were home this weekend, I’d be bopping around the house in a holiday apron, listening to Frank Sinatra crooning about mistletoe and wrapping myself silly. Instead, I am off to Tucson to run another 1/2 marathon. The Tucson Marathon and I have a love/hate relationship. I love her when she is six months away and hate her the day before. The last time I ran the full marathon, I cried hard for last 13 miles. There is nothing like a long, solitary race through the desert to make me hysterical. By the time I crossed the finish line, I was dehydrated, embarrassed and frustrated. This year, I’ll be prepared with an iPod full of great tunes, warm clothing to ditch on the sidelines as the race progresses and an improved attitude. It’s just a nice stroll through the saguaros, right?

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20 Responses

  1. Cruise that bad boy, Kelli. I’ll be sending positive karma down South as I recover from playoffs.

  2. “She’s crafty!” (TM the Beastie Boys).

    Best of luck on your run this weekend. An iPod should easily last for 13 miles, right?

    As for me, I am going to anti-run. And I don’t feel guilty.

  3. Lovely packages..and I’m sending my pumped up enthusiastm for a pleasurable run! Good luck!

  4. 6 hours of crafting! You lucky duck! And I LOVE using what you’ve got!

    Take care of yourself on that “stroll” tomorrow. I’ll be running too, but from one activity to another. (My knees won’t take your type of running! Old woman that I am.)

  5. love the alphabet stamps! very cute. and best wishes for a wonderful race this weekend.

  6. good luck on the 1/2 marathon! you go, girl!!!

    250 ? Geez! They look lovely. And the stamped numbers make it extra cool.

  7. Great looking wrappings Kelli. I’m sending good running thoughts your way 🙂

  8. Sarah HB December 8, 2006

    Good luck tomorrow.

    Um, only 250 gifts????

  9. Paper bags- so many crafty uses! The presents look really nice and they look like you cared and that it the important part. Good luck on your race!

  10. i’m also a big fan of using things up… and it seems like i have quite a bit of using up to do this season!

    i did an inventory of the bags, wrapping paper, and bows that i’ve saved & don’t think i’ll need to buy any wrapping paper or accessories thihs year, or next. woot, woot.

    i’m hoping to get cracking on this stuff over the weekend — thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Good luck on the marathon!! I am in awe at you for even trying it… I am not a runner (asthma) so I will just have to bow down to your greatness. 🙂

    Love that you used what you had to wrap your advent gifts. They look lovely.

  12. Hey Kelli, Your wrapping looks fantastic! Martie [I mean Martha hee-hee]:) would be so jealous.

    Good luck to you this weekend.

  13. I wish I had known you were going to be down in Tucson, I would have loved to gone out and support and meet you. Good luck!

  14. I was just looking at Martie’s holiday handmade magazine & thinking of ways to dress up brown paper bags (you know I love those!) Best of luck in the marathon. I’ll be house/teen/donkey (yes, I can officially say I have “donkey sat’) this weekend!

  15. Best of luck on the marathon!
    Love the brown paper bag with the ornament through it. Brilliant!

  16. Use it all up, Donk – the gifts you sent look BEOOOTEEFUL! They are dressing up my sideboard right now and I love it. I have ornaments this year!

    One of these days I’ll join you at a race and run the last 3 miles with you. Since, clearly, I’m not running a half any day soon.

    GOOD GOOD LUCK! And if you cry, I won’t tell.

  17. I love the look of all your packages! And I understand the thrill in making something look like a million bucks, using only inexpensive materials. I used to be the queen of the Kraft paper and Twine school of wrapping. Until Schecky hit elementary school, and the wrapping paper sales began… oh well…

    Have a great half marathon tomorrow (does that mean you have to run 13.1 miles? I bet that last .1 is the hardest. Or the easiest, I could see it going either way.) Have a lovely stroll through those saguaros, and know that we are all cheering you on!!!!

  18. Go you crafty running woman. V inspiring. I bought a wetsuit today, getting myself ready for the swimming equivilent challenge. Love your brown paper bags with ornaments.

  19. i love the packagings. good idea to use things up around the home…we all have too much, so let’s recycle. love the red ribbon through the brown bag.
    good luck with the run & music.
    i’ll be running off to brazil saturday.

  20. 250 gorgeous presents AND a 1/2 marathon. Impressive and inspiring! Cry your way through the race if you need to. You may be physically alone out there, but all your virtual cheerleaders will be here ready to celebrate your trip across the finish line! Who else out there can claim an international fan club?