And on the Seventh Day…

january 30 taxi 011

mark and susie 028

mark and susie 031

mark and susie 034

mark and susie 036

{Quick road-trip to Tucson with Carl to pick up Little P; turn on slow drip to soak front garden plot; oil change, car wash, fill up car; groceries; craft store; coffee shop for garden grounds; pregnancy portraits for M & S; birthday lunch with Elaina; Lowe’s for bricks and compost; back to garden to pull out oleander and honeysuckle, plant bougainvillea; bake brownies for grandpa; bake cake for Mattador, plan birthday gift for Jason; bake buttermilk biscuits for Super Bowl party; cut out two more Taxi Totes — one for each of these nuts; pick out new knitting project; make correspondence list; plan children’s moment for church tomorrow.}

I am attempting to form a routine of enjoying Sunday at church, with my family friends and nothing more. This leaves Saturday a bit hectic. Then again, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have that darn oleander out of my garden and tomorrow wide-open for new adventures.


8 Replies to “And on the Seventh Day…”

  1. You would win the “how Martha are you” contest on Morning Living on Monday mornings on Martha Radio. That is a very impressive list. I think your plan for Sundays is wonderful!!

  2. Holy day-planners Batman! You’ve been a busy gal! Everything looks great Kelli. That baking looks scrrrrumptious and I just want to reach out and touch that beautiful yarn! I don’t know how to knit, but I do LOVE beautiful yarns. Actually, I’m not sure learning how to knit would be a good thing for me. I’d probably have to buy my own spinning wheel and sheep farm (which actually doesn’t sound like such a bad life 🙂 . Anyhow, I hope your Sunday is relaxing and FUN AmazingGirl!

  3. Having just the sundays left for enjoying time with friends, I’m planning things ahead, list of things to do together. It fills my working week, planning I mean, of joyful moments.

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