Another Candle

October 20th

Self Portrait

In the next 28 years, I will:

1. Climb Kilimanjaro
2. Compete in an Ironman
3. Visit Paris
4. Learn to scuba
5. Adopt a giant dog at the pound
6. Name that dog Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis D.
7. Adopt an African baby
8. Plant a successful vegetable garden
9. Have chickens
10. Sit on Oprah’s couch
11. Publish lots of novels
12. Publish photos
13. Run for office
14. Get married, have a couple wee ones
15. Run my own non-profit
16. Give money to my high school and college
17. Learn to bake a great loaf of bread
18. See Rio de Janeiro
19. Understand the opposite sex, or at least keep trying
20. Grow my hair hippie-long
21. Smile more, look at mirrors less
22. Try to understand poetry
23. Walk more than I drive
24. Learn to mountain bike
25. Learn to taste the differences in wine
26. Kayak
27. Knit a sweater someone wants to wear
28. Be kinder to myself and the earth

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72 Responses

  1. Sounds really, really good!! Now that’s a life well lived, if that all gets completed. And then you’ll still have even more years on top of it, goddess willing!

  2. What a great list!!! I hope you accomplish it all!!!!

  3. What an inspiring list!

  4. Happy Birthday. Love your next 28 list. You are certainly a high achiever.
    Year 14 will be busy with a wedding and twins.

  5. Happy birthday! I hope it was a good one.

  6. Happy birthday, Kelli! Your list is so very inspiring. I really like this idea 🙂 I know you can accomplish every one of those things!

  7. Happy birthday – what a great list. You’d better get crackin’!

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Kelli! I love your list and know it will all happen for you because you are a wonderful person with a lot of determination! 🙂

  9. I didn’t realize it’s your birthday, Kelli! Happy birthday to you and I hope all the dreams on your list come true.

  10. Good Lord. I am older than everyone I know! LOL!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY darlin’!

    I hope all your dreams come true. Mwah.

  11. What a lovely list! I’m sure you will accomplish everything on it.

    Happy happy birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished so far and best wishes with your future plans. I can’t wait to hear all about your husband and children. You may want to start growing your hair now though!


  14. Happy Birthday! An awesome list, and I have no doubt you will attain these goals!

  15. Happy birthday!!! Same as my son’s! What a great list.

  16. Happy Birthday Kelli. I have no doubt you can do anything you set your mind to!!! Can’t wait to see you on Oprah 🙂

  17. Happy birthday, Kelli! I hope this is the best year ever.

  18. Michelle October 21, 2007

    Happy Birthday Kelli!!

    I’m sure you will accomplish everything on your list. Love it.

  19. Auguri! Ale and I can help you with numbers 3 and 25 when you finally make it out here.

  20. Happy Birthday! I just “added a candle” (the 31st) on the 18th, and my planned post for that day was my “40 before 40” list…but then my Internet connection went screwy and messed up my plan. I’ll still post it someday though–your list is fabulous!

  21. Happy B-day!! Love your list, what a great way to celebrate by looking at all the things you have to look forward to!

  22. Happy Birthday!!! Man, I wish I had known earlier so I could have put something fun in the mail for you. I love your list, and am sure that every one of those will come true (except for the understanding men part, I don’t know if we women ever will get that figured out). 😉

  23. ali la loca October 21, 2007

    You do it, girl!!

    What an inspiring list.

    And happy birthday, fellow Libra. 🙂

  24. Happy Birthday, Kelli! I wish you all the best, and so that you and everybody else may fulfill those desires: Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams.

  25. What a lovely list. Best wishes – happy birthday!!!

  26. such an inspiring list! cheers to the next 28 years and hoping they only get better!

  27. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day but it looks like the rest of your life is going to top it all!

  28. Happy Birthday! Hope you get to cross off all those things and more!

  29. Happy Birthday! Great list- and beautiful photo!

  30. patricia October 21, 2007

    happy, happy birthday! many more returns to you! 🙂

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I believe that you can do everything on that list!

  32. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    What a great list you have to look forward to working on the next 28 years!

  33. Kelli

    Happy Birthday and I hope that you continue to blog so that we, your loyal readers, can follow you on whatever journey your life takes you–be it in the direction of your list or in ways that you never dreamed possible right now. Can’t wait to read all about it!


  34. happy happy birthday sweet kelli!! here’s to another 28 years of great living.
    and what a fabulous list my friend!

  35. Happy Birthday!! I love that you started the new year off looking forward; such a great list.

    I wish you happiness and adventure in the year to come. 🙂

  36. Best wishes today and every day as you continue this wonderful journey through life.

    You’ll be surprised how much happens between 28 and 36! 🙂

  37. sharon in sugar land October 21, 2007

    happy birthday kelli. I hope all your 28 wishes come true….looks to me like some of them already have.

  38. Happy birthday Kelli.

    If you ever come to BC you can do 24, 25, and 26 on the beautiful west coast.

  39. Oh my, happy birthday! I’m loving your list, and can’t wait to see you on Oprah!

  40. I didn’t know it was your birthday! Now I’ve written it down. Nice list, long but interesting, and I know you’ll accomplish everything is on it!

  41. Happiest of birthdays. I am sure you will make it all come true too. x

  42. Happy Birthday and the best for many more good ones.

  43. Happy Birthday! You have a fabulous list of things to do! Many adventures ahead!

  44. Happy birthday blogger friend!

  45. Best birthday wishes! You are an inspiration to me!

  46. Happy 28th! May you accomplish all that is on your list and more.

  47. Happy Birthday!

  48. How long is ‘hippie – long’?

  49. You know what? “Knowing” you, my prediction is you will accomplish that great list of goals…with one exception. Understand the opposite sex? I don’t think it’s possible. Accept the differences? Yes, that’s possible. 🙂
    I love your adoption goal!

    Happy Birthday!

  50. Happy Birthday! I hope this year is your best ever!

    (P.S. I particularly love #16! Did you know my new boss is/was the foundation/development director at NAU?)

  51. Happy Birthday, Kelli, and I hope you accomplish all these and 28 more!

  52. That is some list chica!! I sincerely hope to witness you accomplishing all that (you know, via the blog)! Happy Birthday!

  53. Um, I’m like #53 here, but I love your list and am excited I’ll be there to watch you accomplish and experience all of these things. Happy birthday, BFF.

  54. Oh to be 28 again! You’ve had such a productive and fulfilling life so far, Kelli. I hope your birthday was fun and sweet and fabulous. Happy Belated Birthday!

  55. Great list Kelli!! I’m sure you’ll complete them all… or at least have a ball trying!! xo

  56. Happy Birthday Kelli! I truly belive you will be sitting on Oprah’s sofa. It’s just a matter of when. If anyone can complete this great list… it’s YOU!

  57. Happy belated b-day Kelli! I can’t wait to hear all of your accomplishments for you next 28 years left!! Will you still be blogging in 28 years?? hee hee

  58. Happy happy birthday!! What a fabulous list…I know you will accomplish it ALL and more:)

  59. What a great list and Happy Birthday. I share some of those same goals except the athletic ones and the dog naming. I want to adopt two more dogs and name them catfish and cornbread.

  60. Hey hey! Belated birthday boobie hugs!!! xxxx

  61. Happy Birthday (lots of !!!!!!). It really does only get better from here…if you can believe it! Happy Birthday to you!

  62. Bon anniversaire! 😉
    I love your list… and can I join you on Oprah’s couch?

  63. Happy (belated) Birthday! May you accomplish all you have on your list plus some!

  64. Happy Belated Birthday! I knew it was coming up and I missed it. Grrr! I hope you had a great day. Your list is fabulous. I’m sure you’ll accomplish everything on it….and probably sooner than in the next 28 years. 🙂

    Check your mail soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  65. I was out of town and missed your birthday…so a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look positively glowing and you have an admirable and beautiful list of things to accomplish. I know you can do it!

  66. Oh haven’t had a chance to visit your blog. Here’s one more ‘happy belated birthday’ wish for you. May you accomplish all that’s on your list with ease.

  67. A belated happy birthday, Kelli! Having gotten to know you over the past few years (albeit *virtually*,) I have no doubt you’ll be checking things off your list soon!

  68. that’s just a very, very subtle way of sharing with everyone that you had another birthday! you are crafty (all meanings of the word) and clever, to boot. hope you had a day filled with warm wishes and niceness because you should. you put so much good stuff out into the world that i hope you got at least five times that amount back at you!

  69. What a beautiful list–Happy Belated Birthday!

  70. Very Happy (and Belated) Birthday Wishes to You!!!!

    I have no doubt that you will accomplish your goals – with some people, I’d look at that list and think “Sheah, right. Good luck with *that*” – but you continually amaze and awe me. If anyone I “know” can do it all, it would be you.


  71. Hey, I love those candles, did you make them yourself or did you buy them? If you made them, I would love to know more.