Another Christmas Pep Talk

December 17th

Holiday fun

Is this what your dining room table looks like right now? A sea of half finished presents. No? Just me? At least I have one thing on my list this year from my growing “Christmas projects” folder on Pinterest that worked:

Holiday fun

I love the Mason jar full of matches with a match book top. 

I have all of the supplies ready to go to whip up a few of these babies too, other than the time. As such, note to self for Christmas 2015:

1. Plant the garden taking into consideration the pickles and other recipes you wish you had canned this time of year to gift.

2. Learn to make these. And these. And maybe one of these for yourself. 

3. Make no apologies. This has been an apology free Christmas, and it has been delightful. I didn’t send cards. I didn’t RSVP to every invitation. I didn’t say yes unless it made sense, and when I said no, I did so without consolation but instead with gratitude. I did give gifts that were full of meaning and emotion and I didn’t make excuses for why that embarrassed me a little to watch them be opened. (I’m a weirdo. I love giving, but the opening makes me uncomfortable. WHAT IF THEY HATE IT?!)

4. Sleep more. You’ll need it.

5. Consider starting your annual FB rest earlier. I’m off most social media for the next few weeks, maybe months. In turn, I’ve read more in the last few days than I have in months. (I am reading this, and Nadia Bolz-Weber is delightful. A high recommendation and a future book review on the way.)

Holiday fun

Holiday fun

Holiday fun

Holiday fun

It has been a fun season of creativity. For all my jabber about how busy this time of year is, I’m always a bit forlorn once the wrapping paper is off.




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6 Responses

  1. I think I’m going to join you in a social media break. I’ve been on FB more than usual lately, and I don’t like how I feel after scrolling through other people’s lives without *really* making a connection.

  2. Have a great Christmas, Kelli! All of these are really cool ideas.

  3. That’s the spirit!! My tables look like the aftermath of yours; most of the gifts were distributed last week. 🙂

    Those that ended up making the cut, that is. Plenty of projects left for 2015!

    Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Take it easy and enjoy!

  4. I think anything homemade is the best Christmas gift! Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

  5. I love your description in #3. I too did that this season and it has felt great. I’m wishing you that beautiful, giddy feeling you get from giving all year long. Thanks for the great idea for roasted apples with butternut squash. I may add tha tto the list of things we cook today.

  6. Loving the idea of your “apology free” holiday season. I’ve learned a SERIOUS lesson this year about not making apologies and it’s been so freeing. I am happy I got to share a bit of the crafty joy of this season with you 🙂