April OYW

April 1st


I know! April! And do you know how many of these projects I’ve sewn? 1.

It’s awful. I’m the worst sew-along organizing partner ever. I don’t know what problem has been, but I haven’t had any sewing mojo lately. The good news is, this afternoon it came back in a wave of creativity.

New zip

I’d purchased this super cute Columbia skirt at the REI garage sale that had a faulty zipper. It had been sitting on my sewing table for months. Voila. Now fixed. I even got some embroidery done too.

J is for

Ooo! Ooo!

More importantly, I promise you I’m sewing this month’s One Yard Wonders project — the Pampered Pooch. How great are these? I have many friends with furry children to spoil. I am looking forward to it.

Pampered Pooch

Also, I can’t wait to try your citrus fennel salad. I love both flavors and it is getting warm again in Phoenix; time to think of lighter meal ideas.

Now, off to the sewing machine. She’s finally calling my name!

With love,


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7 Responses

  1. ahhh to find my sewing mojo again would be great. So happy someone else has!

  2. i cannot wait to try that sew along…i always say that and my crafty mojo is loooonnnggg gone. i wish i could find it again.

  3. Yeah, I’ve only made one too. Buy my sewing machine has been in the shop, so that’s my excuse. (Nevermind that it has been fixed for a week but I haven’t made the time to go get it.)

  4. I’m sure they’ll be super cute 🙂

  5. Karel aka SWS aka Moms April 4, 2010

    OK, Kelli, the problem with this zipper is that you need an invisible zipper foot, to put this type of zipper on. It sews the seams right up close to the teeth of that type of zipper. You can buy these feet in a small package close to the zippers at JoAnn’s. (they come in a multitude of assortments, to fit every machine, approx., $2, and includes instructions on how to do it).
    Love the embroidered J and bunkeeee. (you know I love those bunkeees).
    Love you too!!!!

  6. I know a couple of schnauzers who’d be seriously stylin’ here in Golden-town with those sweet accessories 😉