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December 12th

I overheard a few of my coworkers comparing a couple of my recipes the other day. It brought a smile to my face. I spoil them with food regularly; I love to cook, but cooking for one is tricky. I always seem to have enough for eight. My neighbor, friends and coworkers are regularly handed Pyrex dishes of something new and being told to just, “Give it a try and be honest with the review later.”

With that in mind, I went to work making a pot of chicken soup last night. I read a couple recipes and compared my previous notes and then decided just to wing it. {Wing it! Chicken soup. Ha!}

just add chicken

If you live in the Valley, Sunflower Market is so great. I am officially applauding their produce department. Plus, their chicken is considerably less expensive than other markets. And it is a hippie store where they bag my groceries in my Frida nylon bag without giving me attitude. That alone makes me happy enough to give them my business.

sliced and diced

Rainy Day Chicken Soup:
Dice one whole onion, five carrots and three cloves of garlic. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a large soup pot. Add these and let them simmer for 10 minutes.

loads of veggies

While your onion mix is becoming translucent, cut up any other veggies that suit your fancy. I love squash. Celery I can live without, but it seems like almost a requirement for a good veggie soup. Throw this in the pot. Stir everything together.

leave the skin on for the first round to add flavor

Add 8-10 cups of chicken broth and several pieces of chicken. I added three large chicken thighs with the skin. Don’t get grossed out — I remove the skin later. Bring this to a boil, then reduce the heat and let cook for 30 minutes.

brown rice pumps it up

Remove the chicken from the pot, cut off the skin and shred the chicken. Return it to the pot with 2 cups of brown long grain rice. Return to a simmer for 40 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

a peek at Chicken Soup

Voila — Rainy Day Chicken Soup. Great with a glass of white wine and a big chunk of whole grain bread.

Chicken soup, the jar's perspective
ready for delivery

And in the recycling department, this is when it comes in really handy if you’ve saved those pickle and tomato sauce jars. (Or bought a couple at the dollar store like the one above.) I made my rounds last night dropping off soup to friends and managed to clear off the recycling shelf in my pantry.


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23 Responses

  1. What a feast for sure! It looks so delicious, Kelli.

  2. Mmmm..That looks yummy!

  3. We have Sunflower here too! They have such great deals…like 10 grapefruits for $1. (Although, who really needs 10 grapefruits?) I love it!

  4. I agree about cooking for one. 🙂 I wish we were neighbors! We could swap food and treats!!

  5. Your always so industrious! I think the first place I ever found organic food was way back in the 80’s and it was in Phoenix. I used to go out of town towards Luke AFB, there was an organic dairy out there and there was one grocery store that had all organic or as close as they could get back in those days. I agree with keeping the skin on the chicken while it cooks, thats the only way to make real broth.

  6. Yum, yum! Looks like a wonderful soup for a cold winter’s evening. 🙂

  7. that looks delicious, kelli!

  8. I love that you spoil your friends with delcious food AND recyclables!! Yummy looking soup! Don’t forget to freeze some of your meals for when you get home and don’t feel like cooking. 🙂

  9. that soup looks delicious!

  10. Any plans to move to northern CA soon? We have lovely mountains, organic farms and farmers markets, stores that let you use your own bags, and (*ahem*) hungry people who would love some of that freakin’-good soup! 🙂 hee hee

  11. I feel 40-60 percent better every time i have some…Thank you so much again. Still on my couch miserable, but homemade chicken soup definitely helps.

  12. You should start a cooking club with other singles–so you all make stuff and then share.

    Soup looks yummy.

  13. Oh that looks so good! And, of course, love those jars 🙂 Great way to recycle and, come on, who doesn’t love to get their soup in a sweet little jar like that. The ways it can be reused after?! Limitless.

    Hey, if you ever come across a parsnip when you’re at Sunflower, they’re great in chicken soup. Just peel it and let it simmer with the soup. When the soup’s done, toss the parsnip. It adds a very round sort of sweet undertone to the broth.

    And that tip was courtesy of my Jewish Great Grandma.

  14. How nice of you to share with your coworkers.

    I’ve been married a long time and still have not mastered cooking for 2!

  15. Wonderful recipe, will definately give it a try. For my 3 growing sons a pot of soup is a snack.

  16. Too pity we don’t live closer! I think I could manage a little help in the kitchen area…..

  17. You would love cooking in Ukraine! I love making chicken soup from scratch. Zucchini is a great idea I will try. I like to put noodles in mine instead of rice…..

  18. hmm looks yummy!

  19. You and Finny are both spoiling us with great recipes these days! I can’t wait to make your chicken soup.

  20. I want to be your neighbor! I never would have thought to put it in a jar, but it looks great.

  21. So cute, and healthy! What a great idea. 🙂

  22. I would love a taste of that!
    It looks delicious again!

  23. yummy!
    what fresh vegetables:)