Arizona Dames

January 23rd

I had an event earlier this week at the Capitol and I was wandering around the Senate building when I came upon a series of black and white photographs of former congressfolk.

Well, congressmen. You may see where this is headed. Note the following cast of characters:

Arizona history

Those two ladies at the bottom are listed as “Secretary” and “assistant.” 1953-1954

Arizona history

It pretty much stays this way for a decade. And May Belle Craig is eventually overtaken by her assistant, Louise Brimhall, in a coup:

Arizona history

Or perhaps retirement.

Arizona history

But eventually, 1960 — a woman comes along. Who is that dame in the center row of photos? (Note, the bottom left are still secretaries.)

Arizona history

Well done, Mrs. Thelma Bollinger from Mohave County. Well done. Especially because it seems Mr. Morrow was none too please to have to carpool with you to the capitol. (Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed to Arizona’s state senate to fill a vacancy in 1969. She’d go one to be the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court.)

I can’t find anything substantive on Ms. Bollinger online, but by the looks of those earrings, I’m going to guess she was badass.


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