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January 21st

A few photos from my African holiday; more details to come when both my head and body are back on Arizona time.



Sitting in front of the departure board at Heathrow is one of my favorite moments in international travel. I imagine what I’d do if I were arriving in those cities — what I’d see, where I’d go, who I’d meet, what I’d learn and what I’d eat.


Beaded Nelson Mandela

Since my last trip through South Africa, the World Cup has come and gone. The improvements to the airport are phenomenal — including one gigantic beaded Nelson Mandela. Who doesn’t need a handicraft world leader?




My new happy place: Lake Malawi.

Spear fisherman


Becky + Shaun

Becks + Matty’s brother, Shaun.


Old + new friends. British Becky and I could be “besties” if we lived in the same city — or continent. I really enjoyed spending time with a diverse new group of folks on this trip.


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6 Responses

  1. WOW such beautiful sea colors…..I wouldn’t mind spend some time there myself…..

  2. i have so enjoyed your posts from your vacation. Thank you for sharing…Hope you arrive home safely. Take Care!

  3. Welcome home! Looks beautiful and fun. I look forward to seeing some more exotic animals.

  4. Supreme Master January 22, 2011

    Landira! Muli bwanji? Mwasangalala?
    Good to see you back safe and sound. Your photos are very beautiful, and I wish I had gone also. Can you put up some photos of Malawis?
    Can you also put up some photos of the native fabric that you have brought back?

  5. You look radiant! What a gorgeous space to spend your time in. Truly the kind of landscape that dreams are made of. 🙂 Glad you are back safely.

  6. sharon grosman January 22, 2011

    Kelli, I too have just come home from touring South Africa, and I now understand the love you feel for this beautiful country. Though I was only in a small part of Africa, it effected me greatly. Thank you for sharing your Africa with your virtual readers. sharon PS. I also took the same picture of the quilt and the beaded Mandela.