At One Desk, Dreaming of the Other

October 5th

I’ve been in an exceptionally creative mood lately. If I’ve got 30 minutes, I throw on my apron and some tunes on the stereo, and quickly dash something in the oven to bake before sitting down at my sewing desk. When I’m expected to be at my other desk, the one not being manned by my friend Singer — who’s dutifully watching over several craft piles, stacks of “to try!!” recipes and correspondence waiting for an address or stamp — I’m sitting at this one. The one that actually pays me. The one that has me thinking about not so fun things like scabies controls at orphanages.
Coincidentally, I’ve spent so much time day dreaming at the “paying” desk lately that I get home to the sewing one and freak out a bit that I haven’t done enough work for the day. Then I sit down at my home computer and get back to work. I’m chasing my own tail.

If the universe suddenly decided to give me the rest of the day off, I’d be at home conquering these:
1. Perfect holiday gifts for the men in my life who live by their BBQ skills.
2. Would look lovely in my kitchen.
3. Yum.

Last night I took the first of several sewing lessons from a family friend. She’s much older, an experienced quilter and thankfully blessed with patience. She is helping me get the gist of pattern sewing. It’s like Home Economics 101 — a class I used to strut by with an aire of “as if” feminism. If I had only known in seventh grade what I know now: Being domestic doesn’t make you any less of an equal — if anything, it makes you a better fed, more tailored, more down to earth equal; that boys your age will never grow up (Give up and go older.); that you’ll never regret taking the high road and being the nice girl, not the mean one.

I’ll post photos of the sewing project as the after-dinner course work progresses. I will say this is a very late gift for Petite 6.5, Miss Pia (who is due later this month!) Thankfully, I’m in good company with the tardiness.

Back to the day dreaming…

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8 Responses

  1. Oh, I hear you on dreaming about crafting at the paying desk. If only……


  2. It’s always a struggle for balance, isn’t it!
    I made the fabulous pumpkin scones and they were a big hit!!! My 7 year old declared them “awesome,” and the 14 year old inhaled 2 of them immediately. The husband was happy because he’s been trying to stick with low-fat snacks. I even put a picture of them on my blog! ; )

  3. I just printed out Smitten’s recipe for the acorn squash dish that was so scrumptiously featured…yum.

    I learned to sew when I was 8 years old – in 7th grade I took one look at that stupid phone pillow they were making in Home Ec and said my “as if”! (Only 1/2 kidding..I took the class but still thought the project was lame).

    Domesticity is also one BIG step closer to sustainability, you know! If I had to, I could grow all my own food and make all my clothes. I know you could too. That’s important!

  4. The lady who runs the Get Crafty website has a book out all about how she used to shun all things domestic, and how she has learned to embrace it now. It’s called Get Crafty Hip Home Ec

    I used to have a roommate whose mom had been a local leader of NOW back in the day. Anything domestic was off limits. so my roomie never knew what it was like not cooking out of a box. I felt so sorry for her–no licking of the beaters, no fresh pudding, no running fingers through the mixing bowl to clean off every smidge. I’m glad most people aren’t so zealous anymore.

  5. I love your ‘to do’ list! I saved the lemon cake to my favorites, and I will definitely be giving that one a try. I love lemon goodies, especially when they come with a recommendation! And the pot holders and patchwork mat are so cute!

  6. apparently there’s been a bad breakout of scabies around here! nice, huh? i want that lemon cake!

  7. what a great idea for the mat. love it.

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