Autumn Delight

September 24th

Yarn over details
Eggplant birthday shrug
neck detail

Fall is my favorite season, hands down. For Phoenicians, it’s like a big scoop of ice cream on top of homemade apple pie after suffering through a dry, disgusting pot roast of a summer. I simply cannot wait for the cooler temperatures to arrive. I’m planning my annual Flagstaff road trip for a pumpkin patch shopping spree (and Beaver Street Brew check in) and looking longingly at the stack of long sleeves in my closet currently begging for attention. Soon, my friends. Soon.
In the meantime, I’m surrounding myself with shades of a new season. One of my favorite colors is eggplant. It is flattering to wear, royal and always catches my eye. I turned that Debbie Bliss yarn into a shrug for another Fall birthday baby. I’m not quite done with this project yet. I’m hoping to add one of these fabulous Heather Bailey pins to the lapel too.

Tiny, but stretchy

{Did you know Heather Bailey lives in Phoenix? I think we are supposed to be friends. I could use some advice on the whole domestic business thing and I’m certain she’d love some of my cooking. We could swap. I should email her.}

Crate and Barrel Napkin

Pumpkin. All things in Fall should be pumpkin. Bagels, soup, breads, and even the puree in yogurt. I love the stuff and like Finny and Rachael Ray, burnt orange is another favorite color. This is also a particularly fun Fall because my African-Australian roomie hasn’t ever celebrated Halloween and he’s is aptly like a kid in a candy shop at the thought. He can’t wait to “carve gourds and scare the wees.” I can’t wait to watch.

Embroidered placemat

I picked up these two cloth napkins at the Crate and Barrel outlet store for $3 — soon to be new Fall handbags.

I know the seasons are changing because it is suddenly dark when I leave the house in the morning. I’m enjoying seeing the stars as I ride my bike. Although, to be honest I would like this season much more if it were cold enough to send the mosquitoes away already.

What are you doing to celebrate the change in season?


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16 Responses

  1. I have so been longing for fall as well. Beautidul shrug/color. Wonderful color/print cloth napkins for handbags. You are so clever! My favorite color is burnt orange along with RR, Malto Mario, and you. YThat color is used alot in my kitchen, family room and dining room. Enjoy fall!

  2. I love fall! Sweater weather, football, apple picking, pumpkin farms, Halloween, leaves changing, yard raking, soup making, fires in the fireplace….love all of it!

    You are so clever, I can’t wait to see the bags you create. I love, love, love the flower print!

  3. pretties! oh my. i have a small bit of that kaffe fasset fabric with the morning glories? poppies? on it? the only thing i’ve done to “celebrate” the season thus far is buy a pumpkin to carve for halloween and remove my ferns from the back porch. might get some mums, too!

  4. For me, Fall brings the knitting needles back out – I am about to start a scarf. Getting back out into the garden and cleaning up the yard and readying for Winter is also one of my favorite parts of Fall. Cooler nights with the windows open… I could go on.

    Love the eggplant shrug!

  5. I love that eggplant shrug! It is so cute and a great color.

  6. Oh, amen on the mosquitoes! It’s finally tolerable enough here to sit outside in the evening, but you risk being eaten alive. Ick.

    Funny you should mention it, but I do happen to have the first batch of pumpkin choc. chip muffins just waiting to be baked. I couldn’t hold off any longer!

  7. Where is this Crate & Barrel outlet store? We celebrate by coloring things orange. 🙂

  8. I too am a pumpkin fanatic! Mmmmm… I bet those bags will be beautiful! Looking forward to fall and practicing some good photography with beautiful fall leaves as my subjects! ~D

  9. Kelli – that shrug is gorgeous! Lucky baby.
    I love fall too and am usually decorated by now. But we’re moving in two weeks so the autumnal displays must wait for the new abode. Once I get the handle on the unpacking, it’s all about mums, pumpkins, roasted root veggies, spicy baking, cozy sweaters (I hope it’s cool enough in Omaha for sweaters). This is my favorite time of year!

  10. Fall is my favorite, too!! I love Thanksgiving and turkeys and pumpkins and orange and red and leaves changing and pretty much just everything about it..

  11. I’m in love with fall. LOVE IT! I can’t wait to pull out the hoodies and long sleeve shirts. The napkins are cute. That is a really good idea.

  12. Oh how fun! Love the napkins. 🙂 I am already getting some projects lined up for the cool weather, but for now I am still trying to soak in all the sun as I can.

  13. You should feed him pumpkin pie. When I first came to North America I thought it was the weirdest thing. To me pumpkin was a veggie that you had with roast lamb dinner, not a dessert.

  14. Where is this Crate & Barrel outlet store? Is it here in Phoenix? I must know, tell me, tell me!!!

  15. That shrug is adorable!

    Eggplant is such a great Fall color. It’s so fun to think of Fall projects and how the color palette changes. Browns, oranges, and purples. I’ve also started a sweater and have plans to make some crocheted fingerless gloves! They should work up in no time!

  16. I forgot to answer what I am doing to celbrate the change in season. I am still canning so what can I say there? I have been decorating the house with fall and Halloween decorations. My SIL Deb, niece Erin and gteat-niece Mackenzie will be here next Tuesday. With Erin’s skull-based tumor surgery just around the corner I wanted to create a warm and fun atmosphere to lift our spirits. I even have a big container of candy corn to see us through. 🙂 Next comes the trip to the pumpkin patch for fresh pumpkins and dried corn stalks to decorate the front of the house. The weather hasn;t cooled off enough to get out long sleeves, though there were a few days recently that were cool enough to wear long pants.