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November 24th

Pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving 017 Pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving

I’m in a serious baking groove this week — 10 loaves so far with plans for 4 more. This pumpkin zucchini batch will be delivered tomorrow to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving.

Oh, Thanksgiving, how I love thee. All the joys of Christmas without the awkward gift-giving, topped with a dollop of vacation days, time to shop and the perfect excuse to craft with girlfriends. Have I mentioned I’m also a wee bit excited my dad arrives tomorrow? My mom will soon follow. It is going to be a family feast and I cannot wait to dig in.


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  1. As an American living outside of the U.S., I don’t get the “dollop of vacation days” around Thanksgiving. But it’s still one of my favorite holidays. I wish I were able to spend time with family, but I enjoy getting together with other expats and enjoying the holiday — even if we have to wait a few extra days due to the aforementioned lack of vacation days.

  2. I love Thanksgiving too. It kills me that stores are playing Christmas music and have had their decorations up since after Halloween.
    That bread look awesome and I bet your kitchen smelled divine.
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I am tired just looking at these photos! What time do you go to bed at night??? 🙂 LOL!

  4. looks really yummy! I have pumpkin pies planned for Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend with your family.

  5. Looks yummy Kelli. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  6. I’m also getting so jazzed about the official beginning of the holiday season: Thanksgiving! Such a delicious occasion.

    And, man, do I love the choc. covered seed idea from yesterday — yum! I think I’m going to try that with green pumpkin seeds for my man (well, and me, of course) this year. Thanks for the inspiration, as always. 🙂

  7. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too!

  8. have to tell you, my second go round with the spaghetti squash was divine!
    have pumpkin pie on the counter..
    so I can’t make the bread until i get some more pumpkin filling!
    these look heavenly!

  9. Looks good! I’ve never heard of that bread, you’ll have to share the recipe. My mama makes a mean pineapple-zucchini bread which I just love.

  10. Pumpkin? Did somebody say pumpkin?! Trying to shove my fork through this darn screen to grab a bite! Have a fabulous holiday weekend with your mom and dad! Aren’t you headed to Tucson??

  11. Pumpkin zucchini?? Oh my! Now that sounds like something I could eat. 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  12. Yum, that looks good!!
    I’m with you – Thanksgiving has long been my fav holiday. A few days of vacation, family and food- without all the shopping/decorating/etc stress. Plus my birthday always follows shortly thereafter! ; )
    Have a wonderful time with your family!!

  13. enjoy it all my dear. and you little parcel arrived yesterday. made my day. thanks so much for the sunshine in my mailbox. 🙂

  14. (Kind of) Random question…Do you like squash soup? With your love of pumpkin & squash I’d guess yes.

  15. I think it is just as dangerous to read blogs when hungry as it is to go shopping. Your pumpkin bread and treat below has left me ravished. I agree about the awkwardness of Christmas. Very well said.

  16. Yay for Thanksgiving and baking..I’ve got quite a lot of each planned for the next few days..

  17. Looks like someone has been one buzy gal! Hope you are able to relax and enjoy your family:)

  18. Pumpkin-Zuuchini bread combo is a wonderful idea! I have never donw them together but will be trying it. Another I love is Sarah H’s pumpkin-pineapple bread. I hope to have start baking after our holiday party on the 6th if not before.

  19. Everything looks sooo delicious.
    Miss you!

  20. These look so good! Send me one please:) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!!