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February 18th

Lounge Pants for Susie

Latest pair of lounge pants

I have a friend who is pregnant, and in true community spirit, we are all praying and cheering and rooting for this baby to arrive healthy, happy and talking about what an amazing stork ride he just had. In trying to honor the privacy of the situation, I’ll just say this — she and her husband have had a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking series of experiences in trying to start a family. They are both amazing folk, the type of people you just know were meant to share their love and joy with a child. As their friend, it has been so hard to watch them suffer. I have spent many a day crying with and for them.

And so, when they became pregnant and she asked for a pair of comfy lounge pants to wear as she hangs around the house, waiting for the sweet arrival of this babe and watching her tummy grow — I knew the project needed to be just right. I selected this bee fabric because, simply, they are a symbol of fertility. They are yellow because you can’t be anything but hopeful in pants that remind you of a warm, sunny day. They are drawstring because that baby is growing, turning and kicking away and this champ is going to need a lot of room.

So — if you pray, or believe in vibes or karma or whatever you want to call it — I would really appreciate you sending lots of great thoughts to my friend and her husband. When this baby is born, we are going to throw one heck of a party. I cannot wait to tell him how cherished he’s always been and how lucky he is to have these great parents.


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  1. KatyRenee February 18, 2009

    What a sweet gift. Much peace to them and you an already doting “aunt”.

  2. Lovely. Wish every baby were as loved and welcomed into this world. That is how I feel about all of my familly members’ and friends’ babies. I pray for healthy and happy babies!

  3. I will keep them in my prayers. Wishing her a healthy pregnancy.

  4. These remind me of Baby Bee diaper cream … fave bee-goodness for tiny butts. Knowing this baby and his parents are wrapped snug in your prayers and love.

  5. Good luck to your friends! Where did you get the cute bee fabric? My mom was looking for some bees and they are hard to find.

  6. I will put them in my prayers tonight! What a wonderful and thoughtful friend you are as well. Adorable pants!

  7. Cute fabric! I had no idea that bees are a symbol of fertility.

  8. Lots of good thoughts for your friends.

  9. Adorable pants! Good thoughts and prayers for your friends and their baby on the way.

  10. All the best to them! Sounds like they MORE than deserve it!

  11. Absolutely!!! Adding your friends to my prayer list tonight. What a great friend you are!!!

  12. What a great and useful gift for your friend. The symbolism of the bee is perfect. I shall certainly keep your friends in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a happy little baby to grace their lives.

  13. You are a great person!
    I have already included the baby and parents to be in my prayers.
    Good people deserve good things!
    Kelli, you are also in my prayers.
    Someone as good as you will also receive the best!
    Adorable pants! I did not know the bee was a symbol of fertility!
    Stay safe,

  14. Yea! They are cute, and she will love them! We are doing the same cheer for the same couple here, too!;)

  15. Beautiful pants, Kelli!! And lots of prayers going their way.

  16. You seem like you are a wonderful and thoughtful friend to many people. I certainly wish your friends the best and will pray for their healthy baby.

  17. those pants are too cute.

  18. Sweet! Um menino?
    I’m looking for an adult PJ pants pattern… got one?

  19. I am definitely praying. I have also walked with friends through some of the hardest moments of life trying to have a child and my heart is constantly in prayer for those who struggle in this area. It is something about God I don’t get – why is it so easy for some and not for others? In the end I trust and pray and now your friend and her family will be added to my prayers. You are a great friend for walking beside them and providing a bit of comfort and love.

  20. Sure I will send them all my good vibrations! And when this baby will be here I want to see a pic of this so much loved child!

  21. That’s a really nice gift for your friend! You might try using an old t-shirt (a la Finny, of course) with some wide elastic at the top, to make a big stretchy band like maternity pants have (my sis is preggo so I’m becoming quite the expert). Search “bella bands” to see what I’m talking about.

  22. That’s a great (and oh so kind) gift for your friend!!! Every child is a true blessing and I wish them much luck as they expand their family!!! Make sure to keep us updated!!!

  23. What a wonderful blessing your friends will have with the arrival of their baby…and your pregnant friend with those pants! FUN!

  24. When’s the baby bee due?? Such cute fabric. You!! So sweet!!!