Baby “R” Arrives Today!

July 13th

Tiffany, with just a few days to go!

My friend Tiffany is having her first baby today. It’s a little girl and we are very excited. Baby “R” has grown with such efficiency that she’s nearing 9 pounds with a week to go. A C-section will bring her into the world this afternoon. Good luck Tiffany! I know she is going to be a wonderful mom. (I love this stage of life. I feel such joy to watch my friends becoming parents.)

I can’t wait to meet you, “R!”


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2 Responses

  1. hurray! have you knitted up all sorts of goodies for your latest arrival? how exciting. i hope that your friend’s labor & delivery go very well! can’t wait to see photos of new baby girl! Is R for Rebecca? couldn’t resist. my sister, okay half-sister whose 15 years younger than I, was Almost a Rachel (had bad associations with that name way before FRIENDS aired, and who needs TWO biblically named daughters, anyway?) but they let me think that I chose her name… Jessica.

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