Baby Shower Forecast: Raining Zebras

October 16th

packet of onesies

With baby shower invites in hand, purchase packages of onesies. These can be pre-printed onesies on clearance (ahem), or good old Gerber onesies.

supplies for onesie project

Print your favorite image on your laser printer on transfer canvas. Trim, seal color with a hot iron, prep onesie with a bit of T-shirt stabilizer.

zebra, pre-ribbon

Pin image over stabilizer on onesie. Carefully stitch around image with a new, brilliantly sharp needle.

African onesies, Zebra, wrapped and ready

Press again. Find coordinating ribbon. Tie and gift.

African onesies ready to be wrapped

Voila — African children’s wear and a creative, inexpensive shower gift idea.

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33 Responses

  1. These are FABulous, Kelli! Perfectly illustrated. I can’t wait to try some myself with favorite floral photos.

  2. cute! I love them!

  3. aw, very cute! my MIL made me some with a froggie stamp on them that remind me a little of those. super cute!

  4. Super cute! I love the zebras! Now I know how you managed to get my favorite dahlia photo on my favorite apron πŸ™‚

    I made some of these onesies with matching headbands (for those with bald gender-neutral looking babies that are self-conscious of their ungirliness) that came out cute, too.

    Great shower gifts!

  5. Those are SO CUT!!!!!!!

  6. I love them… do they come in sizes, like S, M… hahahahah

  7. Truly wonderful, Kelli!

  8. Those look great Kelli!

  9. Very cool. Makes me REALLY want a laser printer!!

  10. As a recipient of a set of these darling onesies, I can speak to how clever and original they are as gifts. Thanks Kelli! Scott loves them too!

  11. sharon in sugar land October 16, 2007

    Adorable, i’m going to make some for my granddaughter.

  12. So cute! Must try! Need babies!

  13. How cute is that!! *adds more stuff to the list of things to make for the little one*

  14. that is just beyond cuteness kelli!

  15. Afican Kelli baby line! I love it. All this cute baby stuff makes my ovaries itch! KIDDING!!

  16. Awww, so very AfricanKelli!

  17. Those are absolutely amazing! Great job Kelli.

  18. What a great way to brighten up plain suits.
    Love the African Pictures for something different.

  19. those are too cute! i’d like to do the same thing with tees…for ME! πŸ™‚

  20. They look fabulous!!

  21. Ahhhh! How cute! Really. I think some adult tee’s would look good with that also.

  22. Adorable. I’ve always had a fondness for zebras and giraffes. This might be the thing to pull me away from sock monkey and Heather Ross dog baby gifts.

  23. Simple, creative, practical and fun! What a great gift. πŸ™‚

  24. brilliantly cute!

  25. I’m so going to do that for my new nephew and cousin!

  26. Super cute – thanks for posting the how-to also – I can’t wait to try it!

  27. Oh you’re good. That’s brilliant.

  28. absolutely cute.
    you are amazingly creative!

  29. Love that they arent all pink or blue- gender neutral is so hard to find in the stores and it’s so much more origional!

  30. OMG! I am in love with those onesies, you are so creative!

  31. VERY cute, Kelli. I’m proud of you!

  32. Hi Kelli,
    Is the stabilizer behind the picture or behind the onesie?