Baby Steps + Focus = Superwoman

February 15th

I promised a friend recently that I would do a month-long “cleanse.” This included eliminating caffeine, alcohol, dairy and wheat from my diet for a month. Why I even bother to say I will try to do these sorts of things is beyond me. Is it that am so delusional, I think I’m going to wake up with Superwoman discipline and will power?

I made it a day. And then “one splurge” turned into “one bad day” turned into “aw, hell. Forget it. ” One day. As in 27 days short of the challenge. (She even picked a short month.)

I’m a creature of habit and as much as I’d like to have the body of an Athleta model, it isn’t happening this week. Although I continue to kill myself at the gym and with my running group, and make small changes here and there.  Typically, when craving Mexican food — I round up a few willing bodies and head to Gallo Blanco or Macayo’s for a $40 sodium feast. Guacamole, margaritas, chips, salsa, huevos rancheros. Zero guilt. I had a hard day. I earned that meal. I deserved it.

Never mind I’d wake up the next morning sick to my stomach, bloated and grumpy for my run. Like clockwork. If this were food math: night of splurging on Mexican food + margaritas = discomfort/bloating/misery. If this were my reasoning math: just because it happened the last 50 times  ≠ tomorrow I’ll feel gross.

Not surprisingly, math was never my strong subject. But fueled by a broken promise and a bit of shame,  I’m making compromises. Such as veggie tostadas on toasted flatbread with a glass of wine. Portion control, fresh veggies in lieu of chips, no salted rims. Still zero guilt. I still deserved it. And no stomach ache or regret the next day. (Who knew?)

This recipe is so yummy, simple and easy — you just need to the photos to follow along:

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas

Healthy Veggie Tostadas



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10 Responses

  1. I did a month long macrobiotic cleanse once thirteen years ago. It was not worth it! Baby steps to eating more thoughtfully on a daily basis is much better on body and spirit.

  2. Man – I would love to do a cleanse but Im a Libra – I crave balance – extremes dont usually work out for me either! The recipe looks really good!! Thanks!

  3. jenntraveler February 15, 2011

    Baby steps, absolutely. I’m now entering week two of said cleanse, and I absolutely bemoan NOT getting to eat those Valentine’s Day cookies in the office yesterday. And you know me: fan of nachos and margaritas, any day. But I also know I felt AMAZING after doing this last year. So I’m sticking to it. And I applaud your efforts to curb (sometimes, not always). The recipe looked YUM. 🙂 Yea you.

  4. Firstly – that looks GOOD! I would eat that no problemo, but I’d probably squirt some lime on there because Mexican anything isn’t right without lime. Though I’m also a whore for salt.

    Secondly, though – I find it easier to make these changes (and I’m mid-change make right now – taking supplements) when I have two things: some idea of the actual benefits I’m going to reap (saying I’ll “feel better” isn’t enough – I need to know that whatever it is will help me sleep better, focus better, digest better…) and then an expectation on timing. Nothing specific, but “you should see the results/benefits/changes to *whatever thing* within 3-4 weeks” will keep me pushing ahead even when I want to backslide so that I hit that first milestone and can honestly assess whether some change actually occurred.

    This must be the Tester Mentality in me. It also keeps me from quitting when I feel overwhelmed since I’m only “testing” something instead of “making a for sure life adjustment forever”.

    That’s all. I’ll shuddup now.

    GO YOU!

  5. I agree with Colleen, baby steps are better. Also, be very careful if you do decided to go gluten free, because unless you actually need to do so, it’s not really a great choice. From what I have read, once you go gluten free, you can’t go back. Moderation rules! 😉

  6. Your blurp made me hungry for mexican food….the real Gonzales….leaving Utah for sum business and Lot’s of pleasure in SoCal & Viva Mexico..can’t wait to se the Big Blue..and my salsa buds…sidebar..The Aztecs called the avocado tree the “Testicle Tree”—because the avocados grew in pairs— just sayin…makes me always think before I mao’ into the fruit…still great though…Loved the article….keep on keepin on….nbff

  7. now I really want Gallo Blanco. Sigh.

  8. Hey, sometimes you have to indulge yourself, right?

  9. Even though I can’t eat Mexican food (dietary problems) I gotta tell you just reading about a $40 salt binge topped off with some margaritas is enough to make me wanna go hijack the nearest On The Border. Oh wait, is that Tex-Mex? I guess I confuse the two since pretty much Texas only has Tex-Mex… Regardless, that flatbread creation made my mouth water. And it made my regret that I chose to have a Strawberry Toaster Strudel for dinner. 20 minutes before my Zumba class. Let’s just say I’m probably never doing that again!