Back to Africa I Go

February 20th

I booked tickets this weekend to return to Africa. (!!) I’m going to Mozambique and South Africa in May for two weeks, for work and play. I’m actually going to be able to see the swanky side with several days in Cape Town scheduled at the end of the trip. {What a change this will be after having worked in the orphanage in Moz. It always makes my head spin.} Hopefully I’ll get to sneak over to Zimbabwe for a couple nights too. Perhaps my friend Bruce, who is taking a job in Botswana next month, will be able to meet us for a couple of days.

Bots pouch

I made this little pouch (definitely not a wristlet. Men don’t “do” wristlets.) for Bruce and his new adventure. He’s an amazing man and was once my boss at the state health department. He’s moving to Bots to take on a new AIDS project. I’ll miss him, although I have a feeling we’ll stay in touch. I think of Mma Ramotswe every time he talks about Botswana. I’ve got to visit that country one day to enjoy a cup of their bush tea.

In other African news, a childhood friend who served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea emailed me yesterday to say they were canceling her program because of recent violence. Please consider, once again, dropping your congressperson a note on the matter. Feel free to say something to the effect of, “Considering we are paying $12 million PER HOUR for the Iraqi war, do you think we could fund some UN Peace Keepers to help our African friends? Granted, they don’t have oil, but they do have spirit and they are worthy of our care and kindness. Plus, don’t you think we kind of owe the world a few drinks at the Peace Bar?”


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  1. I love those Ladies books ๐Ÿ™‚ The trip sounds exciting!
    Thanks for reminding us to email our congresspeople… I’m off to do so!

  2. I just read Blue Shoes in the series last week. I’d like to try some bush tea (the red kind) too!

    There is no oil in Africa so….will our current president ever help? I doubt it.

  3. are we really spending THAT much on the war. talk about having messed up priorities. i learn something new every time you post. i would love to talk to you about your time in africa at some point, i think we had started to over a year ago then college got the best of me. thanks for my daily reality check.

  4. “Don’t you think we owe the world a few drinks at the peace bar?”


    I think we owe the world a gazillion bottles of Dom, personally.

  5. I’m so excited for your upcoming trip! Can’t wait to live vicariously through your pictures and your words (’cause you so totally are going to blog about it, right???)

    And I thought there was oil in Africa – isn’t Nigeria and the rest of the Niger Delta the fifth largest source of US oil??? I swear I thought I had read that somewhere, not too long ago….

  6. I hate to hear that the program in Guinea was cancelled, but I’m not too surprised. Although I actually saw a commercial for the PC the other day!? Very rare…sadly. Not exactly our current gov’t leaders’ priority. How cool that you’re going back to Africa. Here I am pumped as can be b/c I scored free tix to a sold out pro basketball game…not too exciting in comparison! LOL

  7. How wonderful that you’re going to Africa!! Be sure to take lots of pictures!

  8. Dang girl! Your life seems so exciting! You must take loads of pics and share it all with us. I hope my daughter savors life as much as you do when she gets a bit older. You seem to truley LIVE and not take much for granted. I am glad you are part of the world.

    I am sad your friends trip was cancelled. I get so disheartened with the worlds affairs. I hope- hope- hope it gets better. Iraq and Africa and everywhere else.

  9. how insane to pay that much money on war, destruction.

  10. Kelli, good for you! I hope you have a great time in Africa, do tell me about your previous time there, I am so intrigued. Sorry to here about your friend’s program being cancelled, as a ‘liberal’ military wife I question the government’s priorities on a daily basis.

  11. Sad that so few people in power understand that the best leaders are those who serve others. Howard Zinn points out how much more respected the US would be by serving the world, by sharing needed services and knowledge for the good of the world’s citizens, instead of trying to “save” the world through shows of force. We owe the world a drink, a foot rub, and an all-expenses paid vacation.

    Meanwhile, rooibos tea is supposedly the bush tea of Mma Ramotswe. Don’t know if it’s true, but it’s delicious anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Barb- as in Sen. Barbra Boxner of CA got the message as of two seconds ago. I actually copied it verbatum-peace bar and all.

  13. How great that you get to back to Africa. I know this means a lot to you and I think it’s super awesome. The Botswana Bruce pouch is great and I’m sure it will be useful for him.

    I love your “…drinks at the Peace Bar” statement–how perfectly poignant!

  14. A new Africa adventure coming!! How exciting! And how much I envy you…..I want to see lots of pics!
    About the Iraq war and help to other countries in need, that’s why sometimes abroad we see the States as a real pain in the ass…..the richiest country in the world spending so much money destroying (all in the oil God’s name) and not finding resources to help children to have a life! And doing it with an arrogant tone, too. I always think about USA as a dreamland, but sometimes it’s a difficult task.

  15. After seeing “Last King of Scotland” yesterday, I was pissed. The movie was fabulous, but what’s going on in this world?! Now that I’ve read your latest blog post, I’m on a mission. My buddies, Barbara and Diane, will definitely be hearing from me. Thanks for the info, Kelli! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Kelli! I hope you can make it to Zim. Maybe you can stay with my mom while you are there! I can’t even think about Africa. It makes me cry.

  17. Hi Kelli-
    Travel which dovetails with work is a great life! Regarding Bruce being a former boss on his way to Africa and now your plans for another trip, too, I wonder what sort of work you and he do in the public health arena? I would love to read a bit about the big and little challenges of your workday now, comparing them to days in other countries and the philosophical perspective you bring to the rough spots, the bright spots and the usual grind.