BackTack III

May 26th

I’ve been showered with BackTack III goodies. My package from Nicole arrived yesterday and you can’t imagine how fantastic it is. As a reminder, the rules of the game were to create a small stuffed animal using only black and white materials, with one accent color, five buttons and the recipient’s first initial embroidered somewhere on the piece.

backtack bunnie

The bunny is wearing a jumper with all the participating BackTack craft blogs printed on it. Amazing! The jumper is also reversible, with a lovely red velvet backside and a coordinating white button. Simply wonderful!

backtack bunnie, close up of printed fabric
backtack bunnie, back
hidden embroidered K

The K!

the other two buttons, belly button!

My bunny has a belly button. AY!

And if that weren’t enough, the package also came with more fantastic loot, including my very own Zebra Kitty. (I confess I saw this on Nicole’s blog a bit back and hoped with all my might it was coming my way.)

Zebra Kittie

She is tiny, she is pink, she is African inspired. How could I not love her?

Nicole also included one of her signature measuring tapes and embroidered felt magnets.

magnets and measuring tape

I feel like I’m bragging, but I can help but jump for joy! Thank you so much Nicole. I am so lucky!


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10 Responses

  1. she’s adorable! I hope I get a little bunny like that — would look so cute sitting on my craft shelf. Loving the extra goodies, too — lucky! Cute K tatoo 🙂

  2. Ok, the goodies you received are absolutely fabulous! the jumper w/the blog addresses is just ingenious! and thanks for the brief insight into your work life. i guess i’m not the only one who was being a curious george! 🙂 have a great trip. oh, and lost…talk about insanity. i need to watch it about 10 more times i think…it was all over the place!?

  3. very cute.

    loe the belly button… how cute is that?

  4. Have a great trip Kelli! Your Backtack bunny is just wonderful!

  5. Fantastic bunny & other little gifts! The idea of printing out the blog address on the fabric is so cool. And that belly button is adorable!

  6. kelli your backtack bunny is so gorgeous, i’ve been so excited to see her since catching a glimpse of her at craftapalooza… love love the belly button and the special backtack fabric wow!

  7. That is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

  8. What a brilliant swap partner you had, she’ made you loads of lovely stuff.

  9. wow. you got great stuff!

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