Baked Love

February 9th

valentines 003

Take one red velvet cake (For Arizona folk, mixes are on sale for $.88 at Fry’s this week.)

valentines 005

Add a recycled-tin foil heart stencil

valentines 008

Dust generously with powdered sugar

valentines 009

And voila! Valentine’s cake that says I love you in a fabulously frugal way.

valentines 010

valentines 012

This is the first installment of a Valentine’s series this week — fabulously frugal ways to celebrate the holiday in style and with love, without worrying about balancing your checkbook in the process. I am pretty sure with the eggs, oil and sour cream I added to the mix (for moisture), and the electricity it took to bake, plus the powdered sugar, this baby cost about $3. Giddyup.

How cute would these be as cupcakes? With red cupcake liners! I think I know what’s next.


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16 Responses

  1. Easy and fun!

  2. Major yummy. I don’t think I’ve ever had red velvet cake. I think you just inspired me to make a cake for Bub. I think I’ll make a stop at Fry’s!

  3. That looks SO yummy! Do you have anything in between the two layers (like cream cheese frosting)?!?!

  4. Oh, Dee…you gotta try the red velvet cake! SO GOOD! I’ve actually made one from scratch before (my Dad’s fav) but I love that Kelli took a box mix and made it so pretty!!!

  5. Tina in Duluth February 9, 2009

    This is my husband’s favorite. In the south, it is frosted with cream cheese frosting and topped with chopped pecans. My favorite is with boiled milk icing like my mom used to make.

  6. The Fluff February 9, 2009

    I’m not going to order flowers for the wife this year I’m going order something from the Kellita Kitchen.

  7. Red velvet cake, what a delight! I love the way you’ve decorated it with an extra-special panache that is oh-so Kelli. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. How fun! I was looking for a cute dessert for v-day. Since you are always cooking up something delicious…do you have any ideas of what would be a good meal to cook for my hubby on valentines day?

  9. Super cute! Love the idea.

  10. Love it! Such a great idea.

  11. I did em as cupcakes w/ the cream cheese frosting. The frosting was heavenly! Highly suggest.

  12. An easy and cheap idea! Great sweet surprise spending less, what’s better? Can’t wait to see your posts for the week……

  13. Verrrrry clever…..I like it!

  14. Even I could make this, I think! Thanks for the idea…

  15. What a great idea for the stencil! MMM.

  16. Great idea! I have a heart shaped pan and red velvet cake would be perfect. Thanks.