Baking Away

August 8th

Sedona bundt cake

The heat, the kitchen, by the pool: I’ve been baking a bit this week. I’m busily preparing yet another trip away for work; I leave for Bolivia in a week and wouldn’t you guess just this weekend I looked at my planner and realized how quickly the date was approaching. I am definitely looking forward to a couple weeks away in cold weather and a couple weeks of rest after a month of considerable tri-training. In the meantime, back to the kitchen. My sewing machine, cupcake tins and a big cup of coffee are waiting for me.

worthy of the calories; sedona bundt cake

Sweet Sedona bundt cake.

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17 Responses

  1. Well, that all sounds good!

    So what goes into a Sedona bundt cake? Do tell.

  2. Your cake looks so delicious–are you willing to share your recipe? You know how I love to collect your recipes.

  3. Bolivia! I cant wait for those pics!
    The cake looks yummy too!

  4. hey! can you e-mail me your address so i can priority mail you out that box … i looked everywhere and seem to have lost the old e-mail that had it before! i’ll mail them out to you tomorrow, so they should get there monday or tuesday at the latest!

  5. Bolivia! Cool, more arm-chair traveling for us blog readers.
    That cake looks yummy. I love to make bundt cakes because you don’t have to frost them, usually. (I stink at trying to make frosting look good)

  6. That cake looks divine:)

    And i envy you… i wanted to be in Bol√≠via to buy one of those beautiful baby carriers they use:(

    much love

  7. Looks yummy! Is it pumpkin?

  8. Jennifer August 8, 2007

    Would love the recipe for this one…is it a chocolate base? If so, the hubby would love it as he loves chocolate and cinnamon together. I have one more week of summer part-time hours, and I would love to make him a treat. 😉

  9. I can’t wait to see bolivian children pics! Have a safe trip and a nice stay (hoping nobody will lose your bag this time around!). Take care.

  10. yum, yum, yum! recipe?

  11. I’m starving…give me a piece of that yummy cake!

  12. Great pictures Kelly, I can never get good closeups like that. Guess its time to update the camera.

  13. Can’t wait to see the photos from Bolivia.

    And the cake looks delicious. I was just heading downstairs for a cup of tea. Now I need a snack too.

  14. oohhhh…can you see me drooling?

    Looks delicious with a cup of coffee! mmmmmmmmm

  15. Ohhh YUMMMM! Now THAT looks soooo good!