Beasts of Beauty

July 18th

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  1. Beautiful photos as usual!!! I LOVE the one with the 3 dogs (one with a tennis ball in his mouth) and the last 2 horse pics – magnificent lighting! You MUST check out for when they have their next PETS category! (Usually it’s “people” faces…although next week is FEET)!!!

  2. Priceless!

  3. Love that last pic with the sunlight bursts!

  4. The one with the two horses grazing nose to nose. Love it!!

  5. Fun photos! Your brother’s dog and the black/white/brown Wyoming dog have the same white marking on their faces. Cute. It’s sweet the way the 3 dogs are posing so nicely.

  6. Great pics! We need more Cody all the time ;O)

  7. animal photos are always special.