Before + After Week: Dresser

About 4 months ago, I bought a bunch of second-hand furniture. A hutch, dining room set, antique mirror and this dresser — painted a dusty rose.

Before + After: antique dresser

Before + After: antique dresser

The dresser is well made of heavy wood, with tongue and groove joints, but needed some attention. The paint was worn and the hardware did nothing for me. Enter Adam and his favorite stripper:

Before + After: antique dresser

Before + After: antique dresser

Before + After: antique dresser

Before + After: antique dresser

Before + After: antique dresser

Before + After: antique dresser

Surprise! There are five layers of paint already on this thing. Let’s sand it down and see what happens…

Before + After: antique dresser

Wait. That’s kinda pretty as is. Or as Adam said, “Someone would pay $1000 for that at Anthropologie.” 

Before + After: antique dresser

I loved the antique barn wood look of this when it was outside. And when I installed the new hardware. And when I lined the drawers. All until I finally got it back upstairs and in place. I’m not sure if it is the lamp that’s throwing me off, or if it just looks too shabby now that I have it in place.

Before + After

Before + After: antique dresser

Am I fugly? Or unique? Hmmm. 

Interwebs, what do you think? Change up the lamp? Repaint the dresser? (The original idea was a bright barn red.) Change up the lamp shade? I’d love to hear what you would do.

Also, many thanks to my trusty sidekick and his stripper. They are quite the team!


UPDATE: I am going to repaint this red. After looking at these photos, I can’t help but think this looks like a Pepto Bismol massacre.


16 Replies to “Before + After Week: Dresser”

  1. Yeah, I was going to vote for repainting. Have fun stripping all the rest of that paint off. I’ve done that type of project exactly ONE TIME. That was plenty!

  2. Aw. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresser stripped down as it is … but not against that colored wall and not with that lamp. I vote for a wall color change and a more vintage looking lamp. Ha!

  3. I liked it shabby, but the lamp was too crisp. Red against purple? I love it, especially an orangey red.

  4. Too bad I love the way it looks. But I would have changed the lamp. Even if you just changed to a linen shade that would help. Good luck & its just paint.

  5. Well, if the people from HGTV (which I watch incessantly) were to see your dresser and wall, they would say you’re definitely not afraid of color and that’s a good thing. But I do think that either a lamp change or painting it red so it goes better with the lamp would be a good thing. I’d probably change the lamp cuz I’m lazy when it comes to DIY.

  6. “Enter: Adam and his favorite stripper”…HA! This post could have been taken in an entirely different direction!

    Glad you decided to repaint it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  7. I love the top of it, you could repaint the drawers and body though, in a rustic way to match the top or a single block colour for the drawers. You could take a photo of the top of it go to a paint store, get them to mix you the same colour.

    Wallpaper as drawliners would be nice to, if you could get some off cuts from a store.

  8. I’d suggest that Cinnamon and Adam get on over pronto! Get rid of the rest, and paint it (baby blue?).

  9. I really like it as is, but it just doesn’t work with that lamp, they just don’t have the same kind of vibe.

  10. I agree, it’s the lamp. I say a black or red lamp would make all the different. Or maybe a vintage dresser scarf. With the dark colors in the dresser and the darkish color on the all, the lamp is too stark.

  11. Leave the dresser as is. It needs vintage pieces on top, lamp, nick nacks
    I would paint the wall an off white or put a tapestry, drape or big piece of fabric on the wall

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