Before + After Week: Office

June 20th

Growing up in Phoenix, I was spoiled by real estate. I grew up in a home with a walk-in closet in my bedroom. Our house had two nicely sized bathrooms and a double garage.

As an adult in the Denver area, I realize how much younger of a city Phoenix is. Homes here in the same socio-economic range often come with one bathroom, zero closets and a nice parking spot on the street. My new home does have a few closets but nothing significant. When organizing my office, I  did not like my many tubs of art supplies hanging out for everyone to see:

Before + After: Office

Hi! We previously lived in a closet where no one could see us, in all our plastic glory. 

Before + After: Office

Nor the green drapes — although they did provide awesome shade. This space needed some organizational love, including sewing up some panels to hide the junk:

Before + After: Office

Two yards of heavy canvas and 30 minutes of sewing later — voila. Hidden junk. 

 Before + After: Office

Before + After: Office

Also — Sue sent a lovely housewarming gift this week that she embroidered. I couldn’t bring myself to use the dishcloth in the kitchen, but it looks sweet here — along with the African chicken my friend Tina sent.

Before + After: Office

And my favorite Japanese print curtains in place. It’s starting to feel like home.


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3 Responses

  1. Use. The. Dish. Cloth. For drying stuff!

  2. As someone who went from an apartment with three bedrooms and two walk in closets to a home on the water with only ONE closet shared between two bedrooms I completely understand. With only one closet, I definitely have to find ways of being creative to store or hide things. It kind of also keeps me from having too much junk which is a good thing. Love the curtains and the embroidered gift!

  3. Sarah H June 21, 2012

    Looks good! I have been toying with getting back into embroidery. Yeah, because I need another hobby!

    I am with Sue, use the dish towel. I had some a girlfriend made for me years ago and I smiled EVERY SINGLE TIME I used those towels.