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November 28th

Sushi, beach, diet coke, turquoise tank = heaven

Spicy tuna roll, diet coke, pool-side chaise and I’m in carb heaven.

I’ve recently started a new weight-lifting routine. I’m hesitant to even talk about it here because I seem to bore everyone in my personal life with nutrition/health/athletic blabbing. But, here’s the catch — I need the accountability. If I blog it, so be it.

I workout daily. I am one of those rare breeds that loves to exercise. Give me an hour of cardio first thing in the morning and I am a happy woman. I am not fast or particularly strong, but I am dedicated.

The trick now is to turn this dedication into motivation in the nutrition arena. While I don’t have a problem steering away from “bad foods” — I rarely eat junk and when I do, I make a point of selecting wisely (ice cream, chips and salsa) and truly enjoying it — I do have a problem of eating too much. My portion control is out of control. Why have the 1/2 cup suggested serving of organic, whole-wheat cereal when I can have 1/2 the sleeve? Seriously. I eat good-for-you foods, but eat way too much and the result is that I’ve goofed up my body’s hunger signals.

Processed beef and bikinis should never mix. But hey! We were on vacay!

Time for change! I recently picked up a copy of Body for Life. Have you heard of this? In a nutshell, it is a weight lifting/cardio/nutrition plan that promises to cut down your body fat and build lean muscle. It isn’t a diet — it is a way of changing your life. I’m only a couple days into this and I’m so far following it diligently. I like the small 5-6 meals per day and the extra protein is keeping me full. Plus, while the weight lifting has me achy, it is incredible to feel your body getting stronger. Or at least that is what I am trying to tell myself.

A couple of questions for you — please consider delurking:
– Do you work out regularly? Do you like it, or is it one more task?
– What are your nutrition and exercise habits?
– Is this topic so boring you can’t wait for a new knitting post? Ha!

The next time I’m on the beach? I won’t be hiding under a one-piece and a tank top. I also won’t be drinking soda and eating sushi. {Okay, maybe the sushi. It is vacation after all!}


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  1. I’m curious what the dietary suggestions are like on Body for Life. I’m getting into the Zone and really like how I rarely feel deprived or hungry. Unfortunately I’m not doing it full-time and I should be with my thyroid issues. Good for you though! You’re always good inspiration and motivation for me!

  2. Not a boring topic!

    I work out regularly…sometimes it feels like a task just getting motivated but I ALWAYS like it once I’m there. I feel like crap if I don’t work out. I take classes 3x a week – step, body power, bootcamp and I also run when I can, walk everywhere, and take a power yoga class once a week. (God, I sound like a fitness nut but really I’m not!)

    I pretty much eat whatever I want b/c I exercise and, well, deprivation straight up sucks. I try to eat unprocessed foods as much as possible. I don’t eat sweets (no sweet tooth!) or fast food, so that helps. I also pack my lunch every day.

    My biggest problem is ALCOHOL…I love wine and drink it often! But I feel like as long as I’m working out and eating right, it’s OK – right? πŸ˜‰

  3. OH – I forgot to add that I’m going to Brazil in 2 months and so my routine will change a bit since I will be sporting a bikini in the dead of winter! πŸ˜‰

    Exercise more – eat less. That’s the only way to do it. I really believe that it’s impossible to lose weight and keep it off without exercising.

  4. my step-brother swears by Body For Life. but is it suitable for women, too? Yeah, i always think about swimming or yoga or something mildly-aerobic, but can’t seem to squeeze it into my day. would love to find more time for those endeavors.

  5. I try to do intensive stretches 3 to 5 times a week plus I have started a major sit up regime. I don’t like doing the sit ups, but I like the results! I walk A LOT for cardio.

    I have GREATLY changed my eating habits and nutritional habits over the last two years. I do a lot of combining of foods….meat/veggies or veggies/carbs….not carbs and meat together. I have greatly reduced my carb intake because it messes up my system and I crave them! I rarely eat bread and potatoes. I have greatly reduced the amount of sugar that I eat and from all this I feel amazing and have so much more mental and physical energy than I have ever had before in my life.

    No, these subjects are great to read about but I will leave the actually Iron Woman triathlon training and performing to YOU and live vicariously through your efforts! πŸ™‚ Keep on girl!

  6. NOT boring! First off, you look FABULOUS in your tank bikini, by the way.

    I don’t know anything about that book but you know where I stand on nutrition: I try and get nutritional benefit from anything that goes in my mouth. That being said, I do not eliminate anything from my diet (I just try to be moderate about it, and if I have no will power than I don’t keep it in the house/make it). I have found that I eat too much, even if it is healthy (like you). To combat this, I start my day with 1/3C rolled oats & fruit that tie me over a couple of hours until lunch. Then I eat my raw veggies for lunch and a piece of fruit for a snack later. If I stick to this, then I generally eat a healthy – and reasonably sized – lunch. I buy whole grain bread but keep it in the freezer where multiple slices of “bread & soy butter” doesn’t tempt me. That way I have it on hand for after-workout snacks like ‘peanut butter on whole grain bread’. Oh, and I eat as many “whole” foods as possible to control my fat, salt, nasty-stuff intake.

    OK – as for exercise, I exercise every day for at least 45 minutes. I feel like if I am going to change my clothes, and get ready to do it, then I may as well spend a good amount of time doing it. I also prioritize it. I now have no social life but damn it, I feel good! ha ha I firmly (firmly, get it?) believe that strength training has helped me loose inches off my waist. Cardio is great, but I noticed the big difference when I started with weights. Plus, I’m not jiggly! [er, not AS jiggly, I should say] I hate to plug people, but I honestly thing Jari Love has great strength progams for “at home” work outs. It’s what I use…

    Too much info? I’m going to go check out B4L now, thanks! Keep us updated!

  7. To answer your questions:

    – Do you work out regularly? Do you like it, or is it one more task?
    I used to dance several hours a day, 3-4 days a week, in grade/high school, but gave that up after college. By that time, though, I was walking tons because I lived in a city without a car. It wasn’t until I moved up here to Portland, where I work from home at a computer all day, that I really started getting into exercising. I like it but I’m not obsessive over it. I mostly run, do a bit of yoga and some free weights.

    – What are your nutrition and exercise habits?
    I tend to crave pretty healthy foods. I love veggies and can’t stand going more than a day or two without fresh ones. I also adore carbs. I wouldn’t ever be able to do a low carb diet. I try to shop for reasonably healthy food but I’m not a stickler for it. I think everything is OK in moderation. Though, I do have your portion control issue.
    I exercise 3-4 days a week give or take.

    – Is this topic so boring you canβ€šΓ„Γ΄t wait for a new knitting post? Ha!

    A little of this a little of that, it’s all good πŸ™‚

  8. I took a weight lifting class in high school and I loved it. I would actually love to get back into it, but I prefer doing circuit training when I work out that I don’t have to think about, rather than worrying about whether I’m doing the right combination of exercise and whether I’m doing it right.

  9. I NEED to, but sadly lack the motivation and energy after working nearly full time and chasing two under 7. I do still walk three mornings a week with my friend – a bit brisk this morning, even sporting new heavy weight sweat pants – and I have thought about swimming the other two mornings, but without a workout partner it is easier to hit the snooze. I also belly dance one night a week and with the choreography we are currently working on, I can tell I will be needing to strenghten the quads, glutes and calves. (shimmy, shimmy!)
    I try to eat healthy foods and watch my portions but it hasn’t been enough for me to lose that last 15 lbs of baby weight from Eliot – WHO WILL BE FOUR in less than a month.
    Wow! I should get to moving more. Thanks for the call to arms. Or weights.

  10. Keep posting Miss Kelli – any little bit of inspiration and motivation is just what I (and it sounds like “we”) need.

    I currently get by playing my sports, volleyball and tennis, but am struggling to fit in exercise (or just stop crafting for long enough) without an appointment (whew, volleyball at 7 tonight) or a partner (walking with my niece). Self-motivation is where I am currently lacking.

    This is funny because if I think about what makes me happiest or how I would define myself, athlete would definitely be on the list. I need to realign myself with this and use it for motivation.

    This whole topic is top of mind for me right now, just last night I was, new notebook in hand, writing some goals and a new plan for surviving the holiday season.

    Need to start the New Years Resolutions now instead of later…

  11. Glad to read this kind of stuff on your blog! I will check out that book.

    I used to live in Berkeley and walked and biked everywhere, even for grocery shopping. Now that I’m in Stockton it’s really pedestrian UN-friendly and there’s nowhere to bike. So I drive. I’ve definitely noticed a difference…for the worse. I’m less toned and have less endurance.

    I’d say I’m a yo-yo exerciser. One month I’ll be doing my vinyasa yoga class once a week and running every other day for 30-45 minutes. The next month, nothing. The past three months I’ve been in a REALLY big slump…no yoga at all, and running about once a week. Nothing, nada, zip, nil on the other days. I’m afraid to say I’ve been compensating by skipping lunch, or eating something small. Nutritionally, this isn’t good for me.

    I notice these changes are due to stress or worry. If I’m in a somewhat depressed or anxious state, I won’t exercise, even though it’s what would be best for me. I also have a hard time exercising in winter! I need to work on these challenges and setbacks because I feel so much better when I’m in shape. Will be following your progress!

  12. I’ve been curious about Body For Life, I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on it as you continue! πŸ™‚

    I work out regularly when I’m not injured. I run, bike, walk, and ice skate/play ice hockey. I LOVE it but sometimes getting there is difficult with other time constraints.

    We try to focus on eating lean meats and lots of produce, with the occasional whole grain thrown in. I find I can pretty much eat as much produce as I want with no ill effects, but if I overeat protein or carb, bad things happen. I also find that if I am running or playing ice hockey a lot, my body needs more carbs than when I am just biking/walking/skating — I try to listen to my body but not go overboard.

    My biggest problem is that when I get injured (like now), I fall off the exercise wagon and then I start eating poorly. It takes some effort to get back on.

    You’re a great inspiration, btw. I like reading your training posts because they inspire me to get the heck out there! πŸ™‚

    All the crafty-baking-fun stuff is great too πŸ™‚

  13. Blog what you do and you are into exercise, I like hearing about it. I mostly just stick to walking every day then more intensive “nature” walks on the weekend. I do watch what I eat, I stay away from most processed foods, beef, haven’t had a soda in years.

  14. Awesome. Maybe I’ll dust off my book and actually finish this time! Thanks for the motivation–hope the accountability works for you!

  15. I’ll come out and say that I don’t exercise. Ever. Not something that I am proud of, but it’s the truth. We eat well, and I don’t have a weight problem, but I feel guilty knowing that I am not treating my body the way I should. So keep up with the posts! I can use all of the motivation I can get. You amaze me with all that you accomplish.

  16. My friend did BFL and it really worked so well… the only downside was that it wasn’t a realistic plan for sticking to forever, and thus the weight came back pretty fast once she stopped. She looked great for a time though!

    I try to work out, but honestly it’s tough because if I don’t do it in the morning it won’t happen. I used to go to aerobics every morning and loved it, but until I can afford a gym membership it’s been tough to get motivated again. Working out alone isn’t as much fun as in a group with fun, loud, music. πŸ™‚

  17. I really admire you for working out so much… I don’t do it myself! Good for you for eating less too!

    Btw, look at this:
    … since when?!

  18. I think you look fabulous in both photos and kudos to you for loving exercise. I don’t like it and don’t do it currently. It’s really hard to make the time for yourself with a little one when it’s not something I’m motivated to do in the first place. But I will say that when I ran a couple miles a day I felt phenomenal compared to now and I did get to the point where I HAD to go and missed it if I didn’t. Also I was much much thinner then.
    I’m going back to running. In about 4 months πŸ™‚

  19. wait… are both of those photos you? or just the teal swimsuit?

  20. You’re just saying what we’re all thinking, Kell. I am always keen (yes, I said it, it is a word I use) to read about other people’s thoughts on exercise/eating right/etc because I doubt too many people have it down pat and are just living the perfect life balance of good satisfying food and ideal personal fitness.

    That’s the balance I strive for, but I am a sucker for the South Beach Diet. This is the only *diet* that I can work with while not starving or feeling too deprived, losing poundage and having enough energy to exercise. I feel like this the only thing that’s actually become a “way of life” for me since I go through the “phases” and if I get too out of control, I adjust my “phase” and save myself from chubbiness. I wish I’d found it sooner. Like in college when I was drinking all that beer. But doing it now, I can live without fear that I’m going to wake up and not be able to fit into my jeans, even though I still might not be wearing the size 4’s I really want.

    I’m with Michelle – eat LOTS of vegs with the protein. I usually have a salad *and* a vegetable with my lunch so I don’t get hungry later. I try to work in as many Superfoods as I can without treading in the dangerous carb territory. I try to run regularly and I definitely need to get back on the free weights.

    And I always have Pizza Night with Bubba, no matter what. Deprivation is not worth it.

    Meanwhile – you look so cute with your sushi and DC. And we all know you’re in extreme shape with your 1/2 Ironman and all.

    One last thing- I think we all need to be a little less hard on ourselves.

  21. blog what you want to blog about and if that is exercise so be it……….if I read enough of your posts you might finally make me quilty enough to do some…………….goodluck with your weighlifting…….

  22. opps see I am a sewer I wrote quily instead of guilty…

  23. I love your fitness/nutrition posts!

    I walk almost every day with my dogs, and for a few weeks I’ve been running (slowly!) with my neighbor once a week. She lets me set the pace and chatting with her helps me to go further than I otherwise would. This week we’re upping it to 2x week. I also started lifting weights about two weeks ago. I used to do yoga, but the dogs want to “help” or cry if I try to lock them out of the room, so I’ve got to figure out something else…I’d like to add more stairs to my daily routine, and I’d love to start swimming.

    I don’t always like exercising while I’m doing it, but I feel so righteous after that it’s totally worth it for me. As far as eating…I’m a vegetarian and have to work harder to get more protein in my diet. I’m not a good eater, not b/c I eat junk (I don’t, other than the occasional cookie), but because my diet isn’t balanced enough.

  24. I have a couple of teens and three golden retrievers–so I run 6 days a week for my mental health (and usually take the two year old dog with me) and walk every day to keep the dogs from driving me crazy with all their energy. And yes I do enjoy it most of the time but some days when it is 20ºF it’s hard to get out the door but once I’m out there it’s all good.
    I eat (mostly) healthy food and try to eat a modified south beach diet. This isn’t boring I like watching others try to figure out what food and exercises work best for their bodies.

  25. I’m delurking to say that I am trying to make exercise a bigger part of my life but not always suceeding at it, I am doing much better with my eating, I now crave things like cauliflower, who knew it could be so tasty, you look great

  26. I love your athletic posts, they almost make me want to go out and exercise!

    As to exercising… blegh. I don’t like it. I LOVE sports, but going out for a run? No thanks. I will be getting a dog soon, so someone will be counting on me for daily walks. I’m definitely counting those towards exercising.

    Nutrition-wise, I probably should work on that too. I did sports all through high school and college, so I pretty much ate what I wanted. Now that I’ve been out of school for a few years I’m starting to see that something’s got to change…

  27. I admit, I haven’t done serious exercise in about 10 years since I quit playing basketball. From ages 7-18 I played a lot, up to five times a week at the end. I don’t do formal exercise now because I want to enjoy it – because if I don’t, I know I won’t do it. I’ve yet to find that perfect thing that will keep me going. I’ve been blessed with good genes and a fast metabolism and have only started to put on a bit of weight lately (hitting the big 3-0 this December).

    I have pretty good eating habits. I love fruits and vegies; I eat small portions throughout the day generally (actually sometimes I feel really sick if I eat a big meal). I don’t eat a lot of meat, not for personal reasons – I just don’t like it.

    And as for boring – I think your lifestyle posts are admirable. Maybe I’ll get motivated.

  28. I eat like a 16 year old boy. The hubby and I were so great about portion control before the wedding. But my motivation is slim. I haven’t put on weight, but I am a little flabbier than I would like (my cousin calls it happy fat). We rock climb occasionally. I got out of the routine of cardio a couple months ago and haven’t forced myself back into it. I have no excuse as my state of the art gym is only 3 blocks from work and a mile from home.

  29. 1. no. never. i’ve never even really been to a gym. when I was in college, sex was enough, but now that I’m an old married lady and don’t get lucky so often, I think i should try something else..
    2. as for nutrition– i did weight watchers a few years ago and learned a lot about portions, calories, fat and fiber. even though I dont count my points anymore I know what’s too much to eat in one sitting. I try to keep my diet high fiber and include a lot of dairy and fresh fruits/veggies. I get into little patterns or routines for small stretches. these days I am eating 4 clementines throughout the day and I have carrot sticks with lunch 5 days a week (thank goodness for a reliable school cafeteria salad bar!). I avoid fast food except for the occasional carry out pizza and if I’m “bad” at one meal, I try to balance it out through the rest of the day. I won’t say I’m leading a “healthy” lifestyle, but I know my body and no matter what I do it likes to stay in a certain 5 lb range.
    I eat when I’m stressed or bored. Since identifying this bad behavior, i try to have an alternate activity to keep me occupied, i.e. quilting– have you seen my handpieced stars? do you know how many bags of popcorn Costas has consumed while I’ve pieced those? And I wasn’t even tempted to eat a single piece…

  30. I am learning to love excercise or at least like it but if I can get away with not doing it I will give that consideration. Call it laziness. I do a 2 mile walk up and down a steep hill in the middle of my town 3 or more days per week and try to pull myself out of bed 2 times per week to do aqua aerobics. I like the walks after there through and I love the aqua aerobics all the way through.

    As far as nutrition goes, I have tried nearly every diet and “lifestyle change” out there and am terrible about sticking to them. I have been just trying to find my own groove this year by keeping a food journal and a general idea of how many calories, fat, protein and carbs I take in all the while making adjustments on the food I choose as I need to. It seems to be the only thing that works for me.

    I love this topic because it helps me get new ideas of things to try and changes to make.

    Your trip looked wonderful by the way. I am dreaming of warm, tropical, sunshiny beaches right now. Glad you had such a great time and welcome home.

  31. Liz in IL November 28, 2007

    Delurking! πŸ™‚ I love this topic and am so glad to see you writing about it and how you deal with your health/fitness. I am 223 lbs. after a recent weightloss of 20 lbs. due to simply changing the way I eat. I am hesitant to go to the gym because I’m “too fat” – SO stupid, I know – but it helps me to have a reminder that people that look like you do (you look great, by the way) look that way because they work at it… and hard. And people who look like you do (i.e., not a fatty like me) ALSO have to think about what they eat and how to get exercise in – fitness is not a “gift” that some of us are born with… everyone must work for it.

    Anyway, love your writing, love your sewing, love your travel, love your posts – keep it up, Kelli!

  32. i work out twice a week, in an afro-brazilian dance class.

    habit wise, it would be more if there were more classes!

    nutrition wise, i too have a problem with portions, but unfortunately i also have a problem with sweets. bad mix. but i do eat a huge salad every day… oh, i know what’s helped me! eating some protein and carbs within 40 minutes of waking up. a trainer told me it kick starts your metabolism for the day. i have a hard boiled egg and a boil of cereal– i am not a morning person, or a breakfast person, but doing this has made a huge difference in my energy. and the 40 minute time limit gets me to eat something in the am.

    welcome back!

  33. That’s SO WEIRD, I was just googling Body for Life this morning. I like that your focus is on “dos” rather than “don’ts”.

    You know me, I’m all about periodic kicks and binges.

    I got (re-)motivated to weight lift because of an article on Yahoo yesterday talking about how kids these days get too little sunshine and exercise, so they’re getting rickets. It mentioned how nobody gets enough calcium, and reminded me that you can only build bone up till age 30 and after that you can only hope to slow the decline.

    I’m well past 30, and am not “big boned,” as they say, so I freaked out. Since you are not yet, I think building bone should be your big focus! Lots of calcium and sunshine, not too much protein or caffeine or soda (all of which leach calcium) and high-impact exercise (i.e. walking/jumping not swimming/cycling, unfortunately – it’s the jarring that motivates your bones to build density).

    Everything I’ve been hearing everywhere lately is all about antioxidants.

    Can you believe, my dentist told me to eat less fruit, because it’s hacking at my enamel. πŸ™

  34. Please keeping blogging about this, your fitness and nutrition-y type posts really motivate/inspire me to exercise and eat right, too..I have a big problem with portion control, too..And I want to exercise more, but I honestly Do Not have time right now..

  35. I love reading your workout/athletic/nutrition posts! I had a friend in college who did BFL and lost about 20 pounds. He looked great afterwards – really buff! Right now my workouts are pretty sporadic, but I just rejoined the gym (winter in Missouri – brrr!) and I’m trying to go everyday. I love the feeling of working out, I just lack motivation. I try to generally eat healthy, but I don’t follow any specific plan. I finally kicked my snacking-after-dinner problem by (1) occupying my hands with knitting and (2) replacing my snack with a cup of decaf tea. Turns out I was usually just thirsty, not hungry!

  36. Hey Chica,

    I’m sorry I didn’t tell you last week but I did get your package, thanks so much! I lurved the scraps, they are perfect.

    Now, onto more important matters. Body For Life rocks! Hubby and I did it when we were getting ready for the wedding. I want to say almost diligently and we didn’t do it the whole 12 weeks. What I loved about it was the working out smarter, not longer theory! So true! I also just got another book about portion control (which I too struggle with) It’s called the Weigh Down Diet and it’s really helping me realize when to notice my “true” hunger. Keep up the great work, as always! And, even if it’s not vacay – sushi is a very sensible option!

  37. Gosh–I just keep looking at the veins in your arm and pondering 18g needles. Focus, Stephanie…..

  38. I have just recently learned that I must exercise to help regulate my moods. I am not a natural athlete or one who ever enjoyed exercise, however I’ve started walking and realize how much harder it is to keep my anxiety at bay when I *don’t * walk. So I’m committed to exercising now.

    I learned so much about portion size when I started doing weight watchers online with my sister. I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for two years. I hit a patch of stress and gained, but I’m going to meetings now and losing again.

    I’ve never looked at body for life, although it was recommended to me by someone I trust implicitly.

    Looking forward to hearing your progress.

  39. I read that book when we lived together πŸ™‚ I really liked the emphasis on changing your habits rather than “going on a diet”.

  40. I had that book…don’t ask. *sigh* “Working out” is working to me. I hate it. I was the one who, when she DID go to the gym every day, flew through the warm up (10 minutes? nah, 5!) and when I was supposed to do a slow jog to cool down, I went home. BUT I must say, the weight training results were AWESOME. I didn’t even realize it until 2 events: 1) I was drying my hair and looked at my back in the mirror and saw all the muscles rippling~very cool. 2) I went to try on a skirt I wanted to wear out and it was big.

    That guy also had a magazine floating around. Amazing before and after photos.

    Your posts are NEVER boring, no matter the subject. Keep up the good work. I envy that you enjoy working out!

  41. Not boring at all. I am so intrigued by your dedication and determination. Costa Rica looks beautiful!

  42. I workout regularly and have been for a number of years. Overall, exercise is something I love and is as fundamental to me as cleaning my teeth…ya gotta do it. I can get bored with the same routine, however, so I do mix things up quit a bit. (I just bought a road bike today!) I don’t deprive myself of some of my favorite foods but I do keep it to a minimum. Portion control is a huge issue with many, myself included. The 5 small meals a day are optimum, I am working on that! I can’t wait to hear your updates and hopefully I will learn a thing or two from you πŸ™‚

  43. i do what cindy does, run every day with my 2 golden retrievers. anywhere from 3-5 miles, though i have a puppy now who i’m working up the miles–she’s up to 3 and still has extra energy later in the day!

    i also take hot yoga (bikram) twice a week, weightlift and play tennis. i get bored easily with all that, so i try to vary the weightlifting part to working with Kettle Bells, taking a Boot Camp class, working out with a partner, doing pushups after each run. i also teach spinning once a week. and YOU inspired me to train for triathalons, i did two this past year (sprints) and hope to train for olympic distance this year.

    all that said, i eat healthy sometimes and crap others. i LOVE all carbs and eat pasta 5-6 times a week. i love to eat out and have an appetizer, salad and main course when i do, none of it especially healthy or not. i have never had luck on any kind of diet that restricts what i eat, best luck was with Weight Watchers after kid #3. I love to exercise and run but i do it to eat; i ramp up the activity if my clothes feel a bit tight.

    my best advice is to mix it up; if you’re bored with what you’re doing or not challenged, your body will adjust and then it’s hard to do anything. i set a goal for myself for this latest 1/2 marathon to ramp up my time from 11:30s to 10:30s, and i did it–it was fun to train for a goal.

    good luck and i agree with everyone here, you look AWESOME!


  44. Delurking because this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Getting myself to exercise can be difficult due to spending at least 2 hours a day commuting and having a demanding job. Once I do it, I feel great. I hadn’t been exercising and noticed my stress level going through the roof. So the last few weeks I’ve been going to the gym 2-3 times/week and walking more. I don’t have a car so I automatically walk and bike a fair amount. I find that more strenuous cardio is what I really need. I’ve been weightlifting too and love that feeling of becoming stronger.

    Anyway, please keep blogging about your new fitness routine. Writing about it will help you and may also help motivate others.

  45. I agree- not boring! Cliff and I have started working out together because I do OK with the cardio, but hated weights. After about a month of three times a week with some weights and sit ups, I can do 60 sit ups in two minutes (Cliff dug out his army fitness routines & tests) and my arms are stronger.

    One question…I would think that with all your exercising (tri stuff) you would need larger portions? Weight watchers lets you eat more with more exercise.) What does Body for Life say about that?

  46. WTF! Why am I a before photo? Are you trying to tell me something? πŸ™‚

  47. Not boring. I exercise regularly in spurts. For like 6 months at a time. I run and walk for cardio. I go to yoga and pilates for core strength and stretching. I swim. I walk the 4 flights of stairs to my office. I lift weights, do lunges, squats etc. I eat regularly, sleep better, get less sick, my hair and skin looks better.

    Then I go longer periods where I do absolutely nothing. I eat crap, I feel crap, I don’t sleep well, I’m crabby and all the good work is undone.

    I crave carbs and sugar. Got to work on getting past that.

  48. I think it’s great that you will be posting about your workout. Especially that you are looking for certain results. This way you can track it and we’ll get to see too. I’m sure you will keep it up. You are so committed and inspirational Kelli.

    I walk, yoga, rebound about 10 min. per day.

  49. I am so NOT looking at cleavage…..

  50. DANG! Em’s b00bs are HUGE!

  51. Exercise…hmmm…do I like it? not pure sports exercise: running, jogging, biking, but give me a Pilates class, a nice long walk and I’m all over it. I have stuggled with sticking with exercise because I hate going to the gym. I finally figured out that if it’s class based or helps me get from point A to point B, I’ll stick with it. or if I can do it in my own home. I, too struggle with the portion control and trying to squeeze a snack in between patients rarely happens! I regularly get Fitness magazine for motivation and this issue has a “HOw fit are you” test/article. It takes you through some basic fitness activities and then encourages you set goals to increase your fitness; your body fat analysis has inspired me to take the test! I like that you share your journey with us, speaking for me only, it’s very motivating, even though we enjoy completly different sports and activity!

  52. I’m late to your post – as usual:)

    I’d been exercising dilligently since January of last year. I gave in and joined to keep track of my food intake because I couldn’t lose the extra weight. I’d run 5 miles on the treadmill or until it stops automatically (after 100minutes)-six times a week. I’d also do weights and stretch using the Swiss ball. My weight didn’t seem to budge and my body felt so heavy with muscle. Nicely toned though. Obviously I was over-exerting myself for my 5’3″ frame. My appetite increased greatly as well. Luckily I don’t eat junk food but I still drank copius amounts of red wine.

    Then I went home for 4 weeks this past summer. I hardly exercised. Occasionally I’d tag along with my little brother whenever he went to the gym. I’d do 20mins on the treadmill and some weights. But mostly, I rested, ate organic food that they eat at home. I drank quite a bit of South African wine but for the most part I led a leisurely life.

    I came back to Memphis and I had lost 10 pounds. I’ve kept it off so far. I imagine it was loss of muscle. Now I just do a bit of yoga and pay strict attention to what I eat. So far I’m happy with it and I hope I don’t ever have exert myself so much again.

    Sometimes I wish I lived in a city that has reliable and practical public transportation. Then I would’nt have the door to door driving that contributes to a sedentary lifestyle.

    I do have a friend back home who swears by Body for Life though. Apparently you need to have the stick-toitiveness to get the results, and you have that.

  53. Delurking!
    – Do you work out regularly? Do you like it, or is it one more task?
    I like working out – I just can’t get motivated to do it all the time – I know it will make me feel great – so I try to get to the gym or walk or do some fitness program on tv whenever I can – 3 or 4 x/week? or more.
    – What are your nutrition and exercise habits?
    Working on the nutrition angle. Just realizing that maybe I eat too many calories each day.
    – Is this topic so boring you canβ€šΓ„Γ΄t wait for a new knitting post? Ha!
    Nope! Going to check out Body for Life now, thanks for the tip!

  54. Late to the table (due to family stuff), but wanted to weigh in (ha!).

    1. If I don’t build exercise into my daily routine – take the stairs, park at the far side of the park-n-ride, walk at breaks, yoga through workplace-noontime-wellness program, it doesn’t get done. I love how I feel when I’m fit, but I get really bored with gyms. I prefer to be outside, and generally active.
    2. I eat 3 meals a day, and two snacks. For meals, I try to eat my heaviest at lunch – this seems to be when I need protein and carbs and fat and fiber all at once. Dinner I try to eat lighter. I conform to the standards of portion control and focus on my food (ie, try not to eat and watch tv, eat and internet, etc). I allow treats. Liberally. BUT – I stick to the portions. So- ice cream every night, in 1/2 cup portions (and do you know how small 1/2 cup is????), or a cookie or two. Snacks are selected from yogurt, fruit, kashi bars, etc. – healthy stuff only!! No office treats! No coffee house pastry runs!! This works for me, and though I carry about 3-5 lbs of extra curves on me (yes, I know it’s from the treats), I (and TH) like me this way. I don’t go for Hollywood/Madison Ave. standards, and life is too short for no treats. Plus if I deny little treats I end up binging – not good.
    3. I love all your posts. (I swear I’m not kissing up.) You inspire me to be fitter. Or at least think about being fitter.