Behind Door #1

May 16th

Coors Tour

On Saturday morning, a new friend showed up with three bachelors in tow. They were his friends from the local sailing club — two of whom were in town for some event. Without us seeing each other, he placed me in one room, encouraging me to be a good sport, and told the men to have a seat in the other. He’d be right back.

He returned with beer for the men and a swift “this will be fun!” pat on the back for me. What were we going to do? Why, play the dating game of course! And he’d prepared questions. And wasn’t this fun? Is this what everyone does on a Saturday morning? And why are you turning a deep shade of embarrassed purple, Kelli?

Coors Tour

I was a good sport. And it did end up being fun, although it was humiliating too. He asked a few questions, we all laughed, I picked a suitor (bachelor #2!) and then we all went on the local tour of the Coors Brewery. I highly doubt bachelor #2 and I will ever go out, but he is cute and I made a good choice. They were all good choices. Sweet, funny, odd men who were game for something equally embarrassing to them — but they took it in stride. I also managed to get a great lunch and several hours of hysterical laughter out of it — so it was a good time.

Coors Tour

On Sunday, I tagged along to a surprise birthday brunch and my first Rockies game with a gaggle of new folk. My friend BJ invited me and — although there was a dramatic lack of game show questions — it was also a great time. I have no idea how people of Colorado think baseball spectator attire is a down jacket, but apparently here it is. Tank tops? Flip flops? Uh, no. Everyone was bundled up, and quickly tired of the girl from Arizona with the fading tan who kept asking, “Aren’t you cold? I am freezing! Don’t you know this is supposed to be summer? What the hell is wrong with this place?!”

Happy birthday Kristin!

Happy birthday Kristin!

First Rockies Game

First Rockies Game

I can honestly say I did not pay attention to a single play of the game. We were having so much fun goofing off in the Rock Pile that I had to remind myself why we were there.

Behind door #1, a great weekend in Colorado. Next up: more hiking, cycling and swimming. I am looking forward to getting outside more once this cold, dreary front moves along. I miss the sun.



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7 Responses

  1. Never thought i’d see the day where the first photo on is a Coors sign and the post wasn’t about me.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have NOT done my duty in keeping up with you! WELCOME to Colorado!!! I’m so glad that you made it! Can we get together sometime?

  3. Ahh, glad you’re having fun–and as for sun…come on out anytime, gal! xo

  4. Angie May 16, 2011

    I swear it is not normally like this! Two days back to back without sun is almost unheard of on the front range!!

  5. I’m really happy you’re adjusting to your new life so well! Go girl! (and btw no matter how you meet new people, just stay open, you don’t know what’s around the corner….)

  6. Brrr sounds cold but fun!