April 4th

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  1. Blessed Easter to you, too, Kelli!

  2. Karel aka SWS aka Moms April 4, 2010

    Too cute! Happy Easter right back atcha!

  3. Happy Easter Kelli!

  4. Kelli,

    just catching up on your blog and read the news about your job…so very sorry, but excited to see what opportunity comes next. there are numerous tired cliches that can be written about this kind of thing (or you can just watch that scene in The Sound Of Music between Maria and the Mother Superior), but I know you’ll do fine, and even better, some organization is going to be very lucky to have you in their midst. Easter, the time of new beginnings…let the adventure begin for you too!


  5. Blessed Easter to you, Kelli!

  6. Debbie April 5, 2010

    Happy Easter!