Today was much sweeter. I woke up after a good 11 hours of sound, deep sleep feeling headache-free. Granted, my heart still aches, but that will take more than a night of rest to change. Baking could help.

Brownie joy
Coconut lemon cookies

Tomorrow we are having a potluck at work and I’d signed up for dessert. I definitely got carried away, but the relief I find in cooking is parallel only to running and I just didn’t have the stamina for a long run tonight. Tomorrow’s menu includes Sweet Sedona bundt cake, lemon coconut cookies and Mexican cinnamon brownies — all in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Sweet Sedona Bundt Cake
Coconut lemon cookies
Voila -- brownies for tomorrow's fiesta

Maddy and I had a great time. She is a doll and such a great reminder of the joy of life. I watched her today with her girlfriends and family; I want to be more like her — she’s carefree, confident, strong and sweet to a fault.

Maddy and me at her 11th birthday party

Thank you for your kind words about yesterday’s post. My apologies to the Monday dieters cruising through the blog.