Bibbidi Boppidi Bo!

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When I watched Cinderella as a girl, I was entranced by her ability to cook, clean, make nice with the animals and put up with her evil family. She could sew beautiful clothing from scraps, get a palace shiny in no time and seemingly do so with a great attitude. The girl deserved a prince, although I have my doubts on whether he was so deserving.
I’m having a Cinderella kind of week. I’ve got lots of cleaning, sorting and repurposing taking place, with an emphasis on this week. Next week I’m traveling for work and the week after my family arrives for Thanksgiving. I’m — twitch, twitch— feeling a bit of pressure to meet all my self-imposed deadlines.
After running Sunday, I napped on the couch but couldn’t do so without feeling this early holiday pressure sitting on my chest. Alas, I had no energy to sew or clean. Sorting on the other hand takes little to no effort whatsoever.
I hauled out several years’ worth of magazines I’d been saving and pulled out the sticky notes. After a couple of hours of scanning through recipes, craft ideas and gardening tips, my domestic mojo was flowing. (The heavily caffeinated tea I was sipping may have added to this rush.)

the after pile

I turned a giant pile of magazines I loved into a small handful of pages for my domestic bliss folder. I gave the rest of the magazines away to a local women’s project and cleared off some serious shelf space in my studio. I also sorted through the books on the shelves and began recirculating them yesterday.


This week’s goals include:
~oatmeal cranberry raisin cookies (feed the frisbee team)
~lemontime cookies (feed the bagel shop men, who are now making requests!)
~chocolate birthday cupcakes with buttercream frosting (for my fabulous friend John)

cookies of the month

~finishing up my Christmas project. I’ve got 10 sewn and 3 cut and waiting for me on my craft table.
~cutting out patterns from In Stitches for a birthday gift to go with those cupcakes

tomato pincushions

~Clearing out the current state of chaos on my patio.
~watering and preparing for weekend planting. I’m thinking lettuce, rosemary, and perhaps even a wee lemon tree.

clip art

~Closets, linens and kitchen this week. Must keep the mojo flowing. Twitch. Twitch.

Fairy godmother? Are you there?

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  1. Whoa. Want to come over and help me organize?? šŸ™‚
    I love those tomato pin cushions…I think I that section also.

    For my recipes I have a large plastic file box with folders for each type of food (bread, app’s, chicken, sides, etc.). Unfortunately, I haven’t filed anything in years and now the box has stacks of recipes on top of it! Maybe I should work on that this weekend… eh, I should probably focus on the basics, like vacuuming, huh?

  2. You are always so motivating & inspirational!! I am tackling small corners of my world too and trying to get a bead on this Christmas thing. I love to prepare but I hate the crunch time at the end. I have a box of MSL’s that need to be minimized….I just love them sooooo much! Ack!!!

  3. You’re doing great! I am doing some re-purposing myself. Sold stuff on ebay, cleaned up outgrown toys and took them to the children’s hospital. Now I just need to clear out all the unnecessary rubbish in my basement storage room (we live in an apartment) and hopefully clear up enough space to put a freezer in there. Then I’ll have a freezer to worry about clearing out too … uh oh!

  4. I’ve sorted my magazines for years now into tear sheets. The only problem is that I now have six boxes (letter size, 4″ tall) filled to the brim. I’m thinking that now I have to sort through the tear sheets. Forget about the fairy godmother … I just want to know how to twitch my nose, a la’ Samantha, and get everything done. Good luck with the “Spring” cleaning. šŸ™‚

  5. I have a binder that I put things in too! I love to go back through and see what I pulled out from years past, especially the ones that were ahead of their time then but totally in now. I have a photo of a firepit from 7 years ago and have wanted one since. šŸ™‚

    I love that you gave your extra mags to such a great cause. I hope that your fairgodmother arrives soon so you can get everything done in time! I too have a pre-holiday list that I am working on. It’s a fun time of the year, isn’t it?

  6. i’m very impressed that you’ve started working on christmas projects.

    and, p.s., if you find your fairy-godmother, can you send her my way when you’re finished with her??? i could use a spare pair of hands.

  7. Love your ‘domestic bliss’ folder idea – I do the opposite and tear out all the pages of adverts or articles I dont want and hold on to the ‘lite’ version.

  8. You are crazy. I’m barely keeping my head above water here, and you have a domestic bliss folder?

    I take my hat off to you, Miss Kelli.

  9. oy, the magazines… they always get the juice flowing, don’t they?

    also, i’m with rosie — totally jealous that you can garden all winter! i just put our garden to bed over the weekend, and tried to be all buddhist about it but instead just felt the sad tug of winter.

    best of luck with your impressive to do list!

  10. I love that we both have a binder for magazine clippings. I love that we both tear out the same shit from those same magazines for our folders. Crazy? Us? Never.

  11. Wow, you really are a busy girl! I have a headache just to read all the things you’re gonna do! About books, well……if you want to get rid of them, mmmmmm……………well, you know where you can find me, right?

  12. Good for you, domestic goddess! As I mentioned, I also just did some organizing by cleaning out my knitting stash, which sat dormant for years during my oh-so-stressful former job. Liberation feels good! Now that I see what you’re up to besides finding me my sock pattern, I don’t mind if it takes you a while to get around to it šŸ˜‰

  13. Hi Kelli,

    Stumbled on your website through “Home at Rome.” Love your site for two reasons: I have been in Africa on hoiday and loved it, and I enjoy all the sewing and baking. You are an inspiration to me getting my Christmas stuff going.

  14. oh please tell me about the domestic bliss folder. how do you organize it?
    and are those page protectors covering that eye candy?
    i’m glad i found your blog šŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for the link! You have inspired me to get on the ball and finally start my own domestic bliss folder.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. i love this term “domestic mojo.” can i have some, pretty please with sugar on top? and won’t you throw in one of those dandy tomato pincushions as well?

  17. Good for you, Kelli! You’re getting a whole lot done. I have the same kind of travel/holiday schedule and am having to kick things into high gear.

    About Amy Butler’s In Stitches–I’ve been making many of those patterns in the book and found that I was spending an awful lot of time re-measuring many of the pattern pieces (e.g., I’ve made 4 of the kimono robes for gifts as well as hanging toiletry bags, etc.). So I found a roll of kids’ drawing paper in Walgreen’s and made the pattern pieces (meaning I only had to measure once) using the paper–taping pices of paper together where needed. It’s working so well that I’m doing the same with her other patterns where they also call for measuring on fabric. Now I can just whip out the paper pattern I made and get on with my projects.

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