I’ve made the jump from Thanks to Jason Newlin , a friend and amazing web designer, I’ve got this lovely new site to call home.
It’s called AfricanKelli because I’ve lived and worked in Africa and am intrigued by the continent. I am an Arizona native and love living in the desert, but truly enjoy traveling — especially to Africa.
I’ll use this space to write a bit about my favorite continent, travel, international health, domestic arts and politics. I’m hoping to have a new photo posted each day too.
Blogging keeps me thinking about new ways to be creative. I appreciate each comment and look forward to sharing more about my adventures!


11 Replies to “Bienvenidos!”

  1. first comment! first comment! hehe hehehe hehe. It looks awesome Kelli. I love it. And the bunnies are a little out of control. TOO MUCH WORK! They look fantastic altogether. Are you sure you can separate the family? 😉

  2. YAY – HAPPY NEW ‘BLOG, KELLI! Looks great! And since it’s a new URL I can visit it from work (until the catch on to me that is). 🙂

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