Bippidi Boppidi Boo!

November 19th

I know — another Cinderella reference, but you have to hear about my weekend. Remember that scene where the mice appear to make her glamorous just in time for the ball? I had a similar experience this weekend; I emailed a bunch of friends early last week with an offer — happy hour at my house in return for pizza, beer and a paint brush. You wouldn’t believe how many incredible worker bees showed up to pitch in.

Kitchen before:

kitchen, before
eating area, before

Bibbidi Boppidi Boo! …

kitchen, after
eating nook, after

Adios Mexican kitchen. Howdy, Country Chic. It is a bit sterile, as Rebecca put it, but it is also clean. And with such a small space, the lighter color does make it seem larger.

Those worker bees in action:

bec working the paint brush

Rebecca and Min, working the paint brushes.

busy painting away

Amanda, smiling at her husband on the ladder.

what to do with this water damage

Ryan, the husband, who single-handedly repaired and painted my ceiling. I love that my friends share their handy hubbies. When they aren’t out keeping me company on my bike, they are spackling my house. Pretty sure I have the best friends in the world.

amanda saying adios to old stove

This photo, in particular, cracks me up. Amanda had been pressing me to get a new stove for a while. My old stove was off by several hundred degrees depending on the day. This made all of my baking difficult. She lovingly says goodbye to the old stove.

Bedroom before:

bedroom back blue wall, before
bed, before in plastic

New bed from Ikea.

bed, first coat of paint

Two weeks and four cans of spray paint later…

SS puts together the new bed

Salty Senor puts together the pieces in my new soft yellow bedroom.

bedroom after

After three days of painting, cleaning and all things home-related, last night this new bedroom was way better than any fairy godmother magic. Plus, I think Cinderella had it all wrong. She can keep the glass slippers and the burning desire to be rescued. With Chacos on my feet, friends in my home and wine in my (new!) fridge — I’m set.


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  1. Oh oh oh! What a great job everyone did! Pizza and beer bribes are the best. No one can resist. And then the guilt sets in and the need to do physical activity becomes overwhelming – the perfect moment to present a paint brush and/or roller.

    Congrats on your new hot space! And I love your new quilt – I will assume this is a Karol special.

  2. Lucky you! looks amazing! So nice to have a new stove, you’ll definitely be putting that to good use with all your baking!

  3. Fabulous! Fab-u-lous, both the friends and the results.
    Man, the things we’ll put up with sometimes. How in the world did a baking fiend like yourself manage with that blasted oven? Good riddance!

  4. yes! you do have some pretty amazing friends!! they did a great job!

  5. Congrats Miss Kelli – Everything looks so nice. Hope you had a little time to relax and enjoy after all of the hard work πŸ™‚

  6. It looks great! Plus, with such a nice neutral for the backdrop, you can always throw in punches of colors in other ways. πŸ™‚ I like to keep my rooms neutral for just that reason.

    Lucky girl too, such nice and fun friends. Congrats on the new stove and bed!

  7. Looks awesome! I too love the quilt – did your mom make it?

  8. I went on a house-sprucing rampage this weekend, too! Only now my house just looks passable. I’m impressed you added this to your already-long holiday to-do list.

    I think you know I’ve recently been obsessed with HGTV, though after a lot of it this weekend it occurred to me that mostly all they do for a big effect is paint somebody’s white walls some intense color. Enough already! Your switch to white actually looks really clean and sharp.

    Also, for a crafty person you are amazingly uncluttered. Is that a glass of wine in your ‘before’ picture? You get an early start!

  9. bed, stove, fridge, and paint..Lucky girl..your house looks so nice, and you’ve got a lot of great friends!

  10. Wow, everything looks great!! Pizza, beer and good friends, seriously, what else could be better? Obviously I’ve fallen for those bribes before πŸ™‚

  11. Man, I have long fingers.

  12. (and a cute husband! What?! I’m just saying….)

    We had such a good time Kel. It was so fun to really have time to chat on Saturday. Thanks for motivating us to get our own house-painting rears in gear.

  13. It looks great! Amazing what a little paint (and some friends) can do for a room. It looks so restful. And with a nice neutral backdrop like that you can swap accessories in and out as you please.
    The farewell salute to the old stove cracks me up.

  14. Kelli, it all looks wonderful. You do have the best friends ever, you warned them what was happening and they still came to help.
    Looks like you had a great weekend.

  15. Very nice indeed!! And Kelli, you must be a “kindred spirit” – I have that same IKEA bed in my bedroom. I left mine black to contrast with my aqua walls. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your “new” home!

  16. Everything looks smashing! What lovely friends you have! (And with such cute bandanas too!) πŸ™‚

  17. Feng Shui! Feng Yea! You know that such positive changes in your environment can indeed be magic!

  18. love it!!! bravo to you and your supercool, handy-dandy friends! πŸ™‚

  19. sharon in sugar land November 19, 2007

    i love the new color, what a huge difference it makes. Painting the inside of the skylight was magical. The headboard, too, is great.

  20. Gorgeous Miss Kelli! What a lucky girl you are to have so many willing friends so close! Many hands make light work as my grandmother used to say. I, too, love your quilt. I am just learning quilting/sewing from a very wonderful woman. I dream of a day when I might produce something even CLOSE to that! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your “new” place my friend.

  21. Even your same quilt looks different with a new bed and new walls! And congrats on the new stove and fridge. You’re gonna wonder how you ever did anything with the old stuff.
    Now that’s Thanks-giving!

  22. Hey K – AWESOME work. Looks fab. I particularly like the farewell to the oven.

  23. Looks great Kelli! You have awesome friends. πŸ™‚

  24. Wowza! Good painters, good appliances, but super friends! You’re so fortunate. Your place looks fantastic and I’m sure it feels so too.

    I (well, really my husband, Charlie) just finished painting my sewing studio last week and it feels sooooo good! I’ll post about it soon. It went from bright yellow, that somehow I thought was the perfect color for a children’s playroom–ick, to ice blue, inspired by Blueprint. I think it’s kind of funny how you and I are in opposite paint color worlds. πŸ™‚

  25. I can’t imagine you without wonderful friends. They did a beautiful job. You deserve it.
    How was the pizza and beer?

  26. Um, can you send your friends over to my house? My place needs some SERIOUS painting.
    All your improvements really do look great.

  27. It all looks lovely and fresh. As for the new stove – I canΒ¬Β₯t believe you baked all those goodies in the past with that old thing.

  28. You are PRODUCTIVE! Whohoo! Looks fantastic. Nice work.

  29. You are definately a rich lady with friends like yours:) Everything looks beautiful.

  30. LOVE the new kitchen, it looks great. You have wonderful friends to come and help, lucky gal. Happy Thanksgiving Kelli.

  31. Looks so nice and fresh!! Painting is like magic!

  32. Wow!!!
    Please send your friends over to my house as well!

  33. Not for nothing, Kelli, but I think you should GET BUSY in a different way with the Salty Senor. He is major cute, obviously handy, and enjoys some the same activities as you do.

    I’m just sayin.

  34. Kelli, don’t you love that yellow. We have that in our house as well. It is a very uplifting color. We love it and I thing you will to. Take care and God bless, Cory

  35. It looks like you guys had a blast!

  36. Go Jacks!!

  37. That’s the same bed I’ve had my eye on! Only I’ll keep it black…I’m thinking khaki walls and we got a new deep red duvet cover…ohhh I’ve been inspired! Time to get out the handy husband!

  38. hi there kelli! i am so enjoying catching up here. i have missed your beautiful writing and inspiration!!
    your updated kitchen + bedroom look fantastic. hurrah for good friends helping you out… so much fun and it all looks so good. and yay for the new oven!!

  39. Love, love, love it – a beautiful kitchen and a beautiful bed fit for a princess (I’m sticking with the Cinderella theme:)

  40. What a wonderful blessing your friends bestowed upon you! It all looks fabulous and I know your heart is singing with the joy of it all.

  41. Looks awesome. You deserve it. And what great friends. I’d say they are keepers.