Bird for Dinner?

So pretty from this angle

Another tomato sacrificed to the birds

Damn birds

Blurry photos, but you get the idea. Matty currently looks like Elmer Fudd, walking around with a broom (in lieu of a gun), shaking it at anything that moves near the garden.

I’ve also decided next year I need about 15 tomato plants instead of 4. I’m not going to have the shelves of late summer canned tomatoes I’d hoped for. I keep hearing that I should have used fertilizer; I’d rather have fewer tomatoes than mutants.


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  1. Yep – looks like you had company for dinner… I hate when something looks just beautiful in the garden until you pick it up and turn it around to see bug or bird holes in it!

  2. I read a tip in an old Real Simple magazine that says if you hang red Xmas ornaments on the tomato cages before the first fruit comes along, the bird will try to eat them, get frustrated, and not come back when the real tomatoes are on the plant. I have no idea if it’s true, but it’s worth a shot!

    Even with my farm share, we don’t really get enough for canning. For that, I think I’ll have to visit the seconds table (the blemished tomatoes) at the Farmer’s Market and really stock up.

  3. Aw boo!!!

    Next year when you turn in your compost, you won’t need any other fertilizer – that should do the trick. As for keeping the birds away, you could try tying mylar strips to the tomato cages. Apparently the flapping of the shiny mylar keeps birds away from plants. That’s what they do in the vineyards anyway.

    I hope you cut off the bird pecked part and ate the rest of that gorgeous tomato!

  4. Haven’t had to do this, yet. But I read that you can hang reflective cds from fruit trees (specifically) and those scare birds away. You might want to try that. Tonight I read that you can use coffee to fertilize tomatoes, apparently it makes them very happy. So I am saving some coffee grounds esp for them. I have gone mad with tomatoes. Even the ones I have grown from seed are happy despite the powdery mildew.

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