August 24th

For the longest time, Adam and I’ve said “later, Tyrone” instead of “later, gator.” I don’t know why it started, but it makes me giggle every time.

Blingy alligator

So, when my mama gave me a little African-inspired bling this afternoon to rock at tonight’s signing, the lucky guy was quickly coined Tyrone. I’ll be sporting T with a belly full of butterflies, a giddy smile, my lucky heels and some baubles.


Tyrone was gifted over lunch at one of my favorite local spots. I immediately recognized the server; we’d gone to high school together. His arms were covered in colorful tattoos, but his smile was identical as the day we’d graduated. We chatted for a minute and he said he was serving tables during the day to fund his dream: being a rock star. He “screams” as the lead in a band in the evenings. He rambled for a bit about how it was important to him to chase a dream, be working for something he could believe in, etc. His eyes glittered as he described being on stage with his bandmates.


I nodded, enthusiastically. I know in my gut I am supposed to write. This first book is full of typos and errors and passion and love. It’s a fun first step toward a career. Speaking with Emily today she asked when the second book, “Basket Baby,” will be complete. October. I’ll have draft one done within the next few months. The writing, character development, voice, story arch — they are all substantially easier and clearer the second time. Plus, now I know how to publish. I feel like I’ve climbed a giant mountain and the next peak looks like a hill by comparison.

October. I can work with a deadline, especially when it doesn’t feel like work.


In the meantime, I’ll just let this novel hang out next to my buddy and fellow author Barack. This is where Adam placed the book on his shelf. (How am I supposed to remain humble with this kind of ridiculous treatment?)

Later Tyrone,


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12 Responses

  1. Awesome bangle, bauble, bling, I hope to see Tyrone tonight. Everyone has dreams…but yours are coming true ! How cool is that?!?

  2. Carolyn August 24, 2010

    So happy for you, Kelli! I hope your evening is all you have ever dreamed it to be!!

  3. Let me know if you want a proof reader for the next one. My tendencies run to the left hand of that bookshelf (Dune) but I’m far too detail oriented to let it go. I won’t catch them all, but I’ll do what I can. Electronic copies are fine.

    My Engrish is suspect, but I read a lot, so it’s not too bad. 😉


  4. The time you spend working to make your dream come true is precious and I hope you enjoy every minute! Wishing you all the best!

  5. I found WiFi that is run by a squirrel running on a wheel that attaches to a exposed wire on a diesel engine in some sort of Alaskan Rube Goldbergian device, but i wanted to use what little bandwith i have to wish you good luck tonight! You’re going to slay them. Mazel Tov.

    “Happiness is only real when shared” – Alexander Supertramp

  6. Congratulations Dear Friend! So happy for you and will SO be there in spirit. -K

  7. I wish I would have know. I would have made sure my family was there to cheer you on. What a wonderful accomplishment! Go Girl!

  8. Rachael August 24, 2010

    You should be well into your night now, I hope it is going awesomely.
    When you do your book tour for the 2nd book, don’t forget to include Vancouver BC!

  9. I can’t wait to see photos of the evening and for you to tell us about it…..

  10. Oh, how FABULOUS is that bracelet and those shoes?! You looked amazing last night. Kudos, Mama Donley.

  11. She did look amazing!!!!

  12. Ahhhh so exciting!!