Blue Moon

November 13th

Nope, not donuts
Sorry Homer J.
Giddy on up

Pumpkin cornbread muffins came out of the oven last night; I’m not sure if it is the cooler weather or the changing seasons. I feel an incredible need to bake and fill my home with the sweetness of all spice. With this giant full moon lingering about, I also feel the need to curl up in a ball and sob. Go away blue moon, or Betty Crocker and I are going to chase you off with brooms and cackles.


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21 Responses

  1. Oh yum!!! Please share the recipe with us all, these look like a perfect start to a cold wet Saturday morning.

  2. Gorgeous looking muffins Kelli! Love the decorative pan you used to bake them in. Hope you post the recipe. There is something about this time of year thatcreates the need to have warm spice smells coming from your oven and aromas of foods simmering on the stovetop.

  3. I made a decision…we need a girl weekend someday

  4. Yummy! I love the decorative pan you used too. They look great.

  5. You have just blended two of my favorite flavors into one delicious muffin. Pumpking AND cornbread!?! Yowzers. That looks just too darn awesome!

  6. ohhh, that looks so good. Sounds like a cool recipe.

  7. I’ve never bought that pan because I didn’t think I would use it. I hadn’t thought of baking muffins in it! Now I know what Santa can get me for Christmas.

  8. This is seriously the most droolingest photo selection I’ve seen in a while. I’m smelling it and tasting it too.

  9. Why so blue???

  10. Pumpkin AND cornbread???? Oh, Kelli!! Sorry you are feeling blu — hopefully it will pass soon.

  11. Oh always make me hungry! Those look delicious. Today it was cold, dark, and rainy, and all I wanted to do was bake and watch lifetime. Didn’t happen though. Hope you day got better!

  12. Sorry you are feeling so sad…I’ll be praying for you.

  13. Pumpkin Cornbread muffins? That sounds like the world’s most perfect food!!
    I too have been feeling the urge to bake lately, I think I know what I’ll make next.

  14. Oh those look yummy. I hope you’re feeling no more blues.

  15. Sob away girlfriend. It mends the heart.

  16. Oh, wow! Those look amazing.

  17. If I close my eyes I can even smell the flavor…..I whish I’d live closer………

  18. Wow! Those look SO yummy!

  19. i’m the same way, i love this time of year for warm oven goodness.

  20. Sorry the blue moon has you feeling weepy. Maybe you should eat a muffin or two. They look so yummy that I added cornmeal to my shopping list and will be baking in the morning! 🙂