Bobby Sooce


When I was a baby, I couldn’t say “apple sauce.” Instead, it became “bobby sooce,” which is lovingly what my mom still calls it. On my recent trip to Texas, I found a giant jar of bobby sooce in the fridge and ate it every morning for breakfast with a bit of cereal. My mom had made it from scratch, which she assured me was easy-peasy.

On the recent adventure to California, I introduced Roscoe and the gang to my mom’s apple sauce. And it was a huge hit. I thought I’d share the simple recipe for anyone interested:


Karel’s Bobby Sooce


8 apples (Granny Smith are best), skinned and cored

The juice of one lemon

Dash of cinnamon

4 tablespoons of water


Combine all ingredients in a large sauce pan. Once it begins to simmer, lower to low heat, cover and let cook for 30 minutes or to the consistency desired. I like it chunky. Let cool and transfer to a jar. Enjoy!


The bobby sooce, in the back right-hand corner, was among the food prepared for the family this week. Meg kept the little containers in the fridge for dinners this week and the big ones (shepherd’s pie – minus mashed taters, and butternut squash mac-and-cheese) went in the freezer. I love when my hair-brained ideas for over-helping friends are accepted. I promised Meg a time will come when I’m pregnant and chasing another little one around and I’ll call in the favor in return.


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  1. The bobby sooce has been consumed, and I pretty much licked the jar. The macaroni and cheese was a huge hit, even with hidden veggies (shhh!) The shepherd’s pie is going on the table tonight, and I am sure it will also get rave reviews! Thanks Auntie Telly!

  2. Bobby Sooce 🙂 Anika called it Appal Goooo for a while here when she was about two – it was her first joke, since she said it and looked around to see if we had laughed. It was great!

  3. Do you chop up the apples? When you cook the apples do they get chunky or saucy? Oh my goodness.. this is why I just buy it…. not a clue in the kitchen! My kids do love applesauce and I think my youngest might be a cook! This might be a great recipe for them to make.

  4. Also love homemade applesauce Miss Kelli!! Thought of you this week as I met some wonderful young women and pushed them towards MPH as a possibility… also going to send them to your blog! 🙂

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