October 31st

Dorothy -- aka my funny mama

My mom dressed as Dorothy last year and I’ve been saving this priceless photo since. She spent days working on this costume, including painting and glittering ruby red slippers. The stuffed Toto — which is white because our family dog is white — came from her collection of stuffed animals. Don’t ask.
A couple of things:
1. Obviously my mom is a pretty good sport, and;
2. The tendency to go overboard with any opportunity to dress to a theme is apparently genetic.

Happy Halloween!

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10 Responses

  1. That’s awesome! yay for Kelli’s Bootiful Mama! 🙂

  2. hapy Halloween to you too! And to your funny mama…..

  3. OK, this is really weird. I was JUST thinking this morning about asking you to help me with a costume for our Tour de Tempe in the fall. Dorthy! Weird, right? I’ve got a funny idea that involves that for Ryan and me. I’ll have to tell you about it….

  4. Priceless! If I spent all that time and effort on a costume that ended up looking that great, you know I’d be wearing it for the next several Halloweens!

  5. I love it! I can see where you get your craftiness!!

  6. I inherited the same gene from my over-the-top mother! Good times. 🙂 Happy Halloween chica!

  7. Your mama’s a cutie for sure!!!!

  8. I think it’s fabulous and she looks great! Those genes must be spreading about as witnessed by my costumes photo I posted today.

  9. What a great costume, she must be a good sport. I would come and live with her for the night or Junie Moon, just to witness the kids faces and the costumes.

  10. Thats too cute, I englarged the pic, I want to be able to identify her if I run into her!!!!