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April 12th

After last night’s episode of LOST, I’m considering unplugging my television for good. Anyone else so frustrated they want to pull their hair out?

Juliet — karma is a bitch and it’s coming your way. I hope Kate is the one who gets to hand it to you on a silver platter. Better yet, with silver boxing gloves.

Jack — you are a dope. A sexy, gruff, sweet dope. I wish you would wake up. Sawyer is taking off with your girl and you’re still hungover from the Kool Aid they slipped you on the other side of the island!

Suddenly my favorite character is Hugo Hurley, although I still think it is pretty unlikely that after 95 days on a stranded island he wouldn’t need a smaller belt.

What did you think?


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  1. WOW, I have NO words…..sooo, all of this “Juliet” stuff is JUST some type of plan…none of it is real…and I agree, I love Jack, but dang…ugh

  2. Saywer is still my favorite and then Sayid. I must have a weakness for the bad boys, huh?
    I loved it when Juliet told Sayid he’d kill her if she told him everything she knew, and he came back with “what do you think I’m going to do if you dont?”
    I agree, Hurley seems to be growing instead of shrinking but I do love him.
    This episode seemed to be answering some questions, but after that ending, did it really?

  3. I have 3 episodes of LOST on my TiVo waiting to be watched – I need to catch up! However, I’m totally with you on Hurley.

  4. I was so disappointed. I really wanted to like Juliet. And I am so sad that Jake is becoming a wimp. I really hope he wakes up soon.

    I might have HATED last night’s episode (or the last 5 minutes), but I still love LOST enough to keep watching. It is just so twisted, it is good πŸ™‚

  5. Juliet must die. I can’t STAND her. ARRRRG!

    I want Sawyer to be my boy toy. That’s what I think. πŸ˜‰

  6. Yeah.. I was so dissappointed in Juliet. I really thought she was good. However, I happen to think that Ben has her by the neck with something.. maybe related to her sister. because you can see from her earlier days (pre-island) that she is a good person. I’m also wondering if what she said about the pregnant women is true or not, and whether anyone will tell Sun. And seriously.. what is up with that Hugo/weight thing? Even if he stuffed his face full of the peanut butter and all the junk in the hatch, the hatch is gone now and they have to be rationing whatever is left! Surely he’d be losing some weight..

  7. I’m getting a little frustrated with LOST too, mostly because I feel like it’s turning Grey’s Anatomy style drama instead of the cutting edge, mysterious show it used to be. But, I do think that Juliet will come around. I agree with Amanda, Juliet’s character is very smart and wily and she will do whatever it takes to get off the island and back to her sister, but I don’t think she’s evil or that she wants to hurt anyone. I respect her and Jack for playing hardball, not doing what everyone expects them to do. They, along with John, will be the ones to get everyone off that island!

  8. I can’t stand Juliet & Jack is right there w/her as far as I’m concerned now. So annoying! I vote for Sawyer & Kate to give it a go for real!!!

  9. Rebecca April 12, 2007

    They actually said that Hurley has lost 40 pounds since the beginning of taping the show.

  10. I think you are right about the belt…

  11. I’m pretending I didn’t read this post. We have the whole season coming on Netflix which Bubba and I will watch in one sitting.

    Perhaps I should prepare the tranquilizers now. Sounds like we’ll need drinks to get through the season.

  12. I really don’t know what you are all talking about. There’s only one character on LOST — I’m blinded by Sawyer LUV. He has all the best lines. The smart alec cracks. The FABULOUS nicknames — in an era when nicknames are so un-PC!!! The only disappointing episodes are the ones in which he doesn’t appear… LOL!

  13. Ack – this show is so frustrating, yet addictive. I only recently got caught up in it and so it’s totally confusing and then the last 5 minutes last night…. But I’m not totally convinced that things are what they seem. I kind of hate shows like this. What? Of course I’ll be watching next week!
    [Oh, and what’s not to love about Hurley? Come on!]

  14. i think i am one of about 5 people who never really got into lost! so sorry! just bad timing really.

  15. dude.

    i actually still like juliet & am impressed with her ability to be so convincing to both sides. espionage isn’t easy!

    i guess i don’t have any animosity toward her character since i’m not even sure who she’s playing yet — it could still go either way.

    and i think that EVERYONE would lose weight under such circumstances. they should all be looking more skeletal, not just the fatties.

    only a few episodes left!

  16. I’m right there with Autum/Thimbleanna! I watched it tonight and it was worth it for the little Saywer/Kate reunion scene. Awwwwww! And I loved it when Hurley informed Juliet about what happened to Ethan when Charlie got upset with him!

  17. Kelli,

    i am digging juliet; i love how her hair has stayed miraculously clean throughout the mudfight, i loved how she twisted her entire body sideways into some sort of distorted question mark when she cried on ben’s counter (which disclosed the top-secret information that apparently the Others shopped at Ikea before departing to the Island),and i love how twisted and devious she is.

    i’m surprised that you’re surprised jack is such a dupe about these things–after all, he went to med school, not the school of hard knocks and how-to-scam-anyone-for-love-and-money school that kate and sawyer attended. he used to be clueless about bailey’s drinking; now he’s clueless about juliet. what he seems to be most concerned with is keeping his hair short, unlike most of the other men on the island except sun’s husband. he and jack must be stashing that electric razor with batteries that never run out somewhere. sawyer sure doesn’t have it! maybe it’s stashed with the women’s endless supply of conditioner?

    i don’t believe juliet’s sister is alive, either. she wasn’t exactly holding that current newspaper, and juliet seems to be fairly clueless about image manipulation. did she leave miami before the invention of you-tube? she would probably also believe that the emails karl rove sent out are truly “lost” as well, unretrievable in the vastness of cyberspace.

    they’re all so gullible in their own ways, except for henry and saiid. perhaps the real secret of the island is that besides killing pregnant women (speaking of which, sun is still pregnant? shouldn’t she be displaying more than 3% bodyfat at this point? i don’t think her stomach could be more concave.), keeping hair and skin incredibly moist and clean, and giving ben cancer while at the same time curing john, is that landing there automatically sucks 20 IQ points out of you from the onset, and the brain drain continues as the men and women continue to grow more buff with every day. except hurley. hmmm…he does remain quite the mystery. and smarter than most. hurley as one of the Others? let’s discuss…

  18. I’m late on this discussion as I just watched the episode last night online. I missed several episodes this season so I am truly lost! I will say that at least Sawyer’s character has some evolution – the bad boy losing his edge a bit. Jack’s character remains pretty flat for me, as sexy as he is. He’s just taken in by beautiful women. I don’t get everything that is going on in that show, but I am still intrigued. First season was definitely the best though.

  19. Okay, seriously? Why ISN’T he ANY thinner AT ALL??? He should have lost a good twenty pounds, minimum by now, even if he was hoarding peanut butter.
    Also, I did have sort of an uneasy feeling about Juliet through most of the episode. After all, she has been nothing but duplicitous and she would do just about anything to get home to her sister.
    My husband made the point that he thought they revealed more stuff last night than they ever usually do. Usually we turn to each other and say, “well, let’s tune in next week so we can… not find anything out again.”
    They must be doing something right, I guess; we keep tuning in every week for more punishment πŸ™‚

  20. I knew Juliet was up to no good! What’s not to like about Hurley. But by far my favorites are Sawyer and Sayid. What is it about women and bad boys?

  21. in answer to diane…we think we can reform them. that we, and only we (that’s the royal “we” as in “we superhuman women”, though saying “superhuman” as an adjective to “women” is a bit redudant) can understand their need to be bad, that in fact inside the bad boy is little scared boy who just needs the right blend of nurturing and admonishment, and, dare i say it, THE LOVE OF A GOOD WOMAN and he’ll change his bad boy ways.

    but not so much that he becomes boring milquetoast. it’s a fine line, which means that the other answer to your question, diane, is that we like them to give us a bit of edge, that maybe they’ll take us to a place that we really want to go but just lack a little bit of extra courage to go on our own, but of course we can totally handle ourselves when we get there.

    the bad boys are fun to watch, fun to hear about, even fun to date in your early 20s. but man oh man, am i ever glad that i didn’t marry one! i don’t miss the ansty roller-coaster one bit.

  22. I don’t disagree with any of what you say above. Although, I might remove the words “sexy” and “sweet” from your description of Jack… πŸ™‚

    And Hugo’s last name is Reyes. “Hurley” is just a nickname – he’s alluded to the fact that there’s a long story behind it, one that has an embarrassing roots – but we’ve never gotten to hear it. I’ve long been a huge Hugo fan…

  23. Hi there! I’m having fun reading all the comments. My bf and I watch the episodes every week (we are currently living in Bulgaria) and we’ve been addicted to LOST since the very beginning. I agree with what people say about Hugo and Juliet (she’s mean) and Jack (short hair included). I used to dislike Sawyer but now I like him (talking about his change to a better man, he’s super cute too heh heh). Something no one mentioned, what happened with Michael and his son? (and the dog too). There are so many stories going on at the same time…

  24. Couldn’t agree with you more ref Lost, someone needs to be hit upside the head, I just haven’t figured out yet which one deserves it most!