Book Contest Winners!

August 13th

Gig Harbor

Remember when I asked for book marketing ideas? Well, you guys are the most efficient, productive and happiest team I’ve ever worked with. THANK YOU! I got some great ideas (e.g. Facebook page, youtube videos, book club marketing, and “send to Oprah!”) that got me thinking. As promised, the five randomly selected winners for signed copies are:

1. Debbie

2. Traciefree

3. Holly

4. Piccola

and 5. Teresa.

{I’ll be emailing you for your addresses. Thank you again!}

It’s been one of those week’s I’ll never forget. The first 108 copies of my book arrived at my home. I have a contract for 50 copies to be sold at my favorite indie bookstore. I dropped them off Monday. I was contacted by a local reporter for a feature on Monday night and was interviewed. I heard the books started selling at Changing Hands and Amazon on Tuesday. Today the paper’s photographer came to take a headshot to go with the article. Tonight I’ve been invited to a political fundraiser where my book is being raffled as a door prize. I’ve placed an order for another 25 books because there are to be more than 100 people at the signing. Woah.

It’s pinch-me exciting!I keep walking around my office with this goofy grin smiling at everyone and everything.

Gig Harbor

I’ve spent so much time thinking about what this would look and feel like — to see my book on the shelves. And now that it is here, I’ve honestly never been happier. I read many years ago that you should develop some habit that regularly reminds you of your dream. Keeping this in mind, for at least 8 years, every time I visit a bookstore I go to the fiction section and leave space in the “Ds” where my novel would be placed. Today, that book is actually there.


I’ve been doing a lot of pacing at night after work reading my novel aloud, trying to find the right section to share at the book signing in a couple weeks.  Of course I’ve already got my outfit selected, including a string of Ghanaian wedding beads I’ve never worn (other than the day I bought them, four years ago.) You can take the girl out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the girl.

And so, life as an author moves forward at a very hectic and happy pace.

Thank you again for coming along on the journey,


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16 Responses

  1. I ordered my copy on Amazon.

  2. That is all VERY exciting!

  3. Rhonda Webb August 13, 2010

    I bought mine on Amazon a couple of days ago. So excited, Kelli!!!

  4. This post makes my heart smile. 🙂 I LOVE seeing people realize an important dream. Your contentedness shines through the blog post. Well. Done. Can’t wait for the signing!

  5. JennieD August 13, 2010

    I’m so happy for you Kelli. I have my copy of your book right here and I’m very much looking forward to reading it (before the signing!). I know that I will treasure the experience knowing just how special this achievement is to you. You are an inspiration.

  6. Madelyn August 13, 2010

    So happy for you, Kelli!! (I ordered my copy from Amazon…)

  7. Congrats Kelli. Your success and joy is infectious! Here’s to continued success. This is exciting.

  8. Wonderful. So excited for you! Can’t wait to meet up soon. (And, beautiful flower pics too, btw!)

  9. You’ve worked so hard for all of this Kelli. I’m so happy to be a witness to you realizing your dream. 🙂

  10. How thrilling!!!!! I hope there are enough books at the signing…I want a signed copy! Congratulations, Kelli, I’m very excited for you.

  11. Im so excited that I was one of the winners! You are a special person and I cannot wait to read your book! I hope someday our paths cross, until then it will continue to be electronically! Thanks again and you keep on smiling girl! You deserve it!

  12. This is so awesome Kelli! I am crying tears of joy for you while happily awaiting my copy from Amazon. Enjoy this blessed event…

  13. Currently reading! So proud of you. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You rock those goofy smiles girl, you deserve them!

  14. Lisa AC August 16, 2010

    I am so excited for you. This is terrific news. 🙂

  15. I got mine at and started reading it last night… So good so far (had a hard time putting it down).

  16. I’m going to buy it on Amazon, and I hope to have your signature on it one day!