Botanical Zips

November 5th

bachelorette party pouch
ready to be stuffed
jens goody bags stacked

Sent to celebrate Jen’s bachelorette party because I couldn’t be there to instead buy her a drink. She’s marrying a pretty sweet botanist, hence the bees and flower fabric. What bachelorette party reveler doesn’t want a zip full of supplies for the night? Photos of the night’s mayhem in Chicago can be seen here. Congrats Jen!


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Domestic Art
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11 Responses

  1. so lovely and springlike! where do you find time for all these projects? you must never sleep. that’s it.

  2. What a lovey gesture. They are lovely. Must pop in to see the mayhem. I’m sure you would have been missed.

  3. Those are adorable! And what a fun gift for a bachelorette party too… perfect size for the essential party items. 🙂

  4. So cute Kelli! Another very thoughtful gift.

  5. What a sweet and thoughtful gift, Kelli! I love how you thought about the botany theme in conjunction with the bags you made. You’re such a good friend!

  6. These are beautiful!! You are such an awesome friend – what a great idea!

  7. I know those zips will be very appreciated! Another nice project Kelli, well done.

  8. They look wonderful all lined up:)

  9. Lovely handmade present!

  10. You have such cool party favor ideas. The patchwork is perfection!

  11. Super cute Kelli! I love the bags.