Boulder Yard, Stage 1

June 14th

I love me a good project — especially those that require problem solving, frugality, creativity, organization techniques and provide a place for my copious energy. Bird is away this week at a fancy conference in California. In lieu of joining him, I spent the flight money on a hauling service, bbq, patio furniture and landscaper.

Don’t get me wrong. A couple days in a cushy hotel with room service and a pool is exactly what I could use right now. However, a summer of outdoor fun is a much better long-term payout.

See, his yard is a bit of a jungle. A jungle with 20 years of discarded stuff between the vines.* And I love to spend time outside — even if that just means sitting in the backyard to enjoy dinner. To make this a reality, I’ve been waiting patiently (pacing and rubbing my hands together) to tackle all of this when he couldn’t shoo me away.

To be clear, he likes me. He puts up with my energy and need for organization.

Front before

Hi! You can’t tell but there is a ton of junk hiding behind those tree branches and just around the corner. 

Three hours after dropping him off at the airport:

Hauled away!

Kinda deceptive that this doesn’t look like the Mount Everest of stuff from this angle. It was. 

Stage 1: haul away unwanted and discarded items. Trim back significant tree limbs. CHECK.

Stage 2: have yards mowed and trimmed. Have garden refuse hauled away. Complete a couple project inside.

Stage 3: set up new bbq and patio furniture for a summer of backyard fun that doesn’t require machetes and metal detectors. Plant flowers.

Boulder Backyard Project

Far too smug for her own good. 


*This is said without judgment. I’m terribly fond of this man, but there might have been a few neighbors who came out to greet me with a slow clap as I drove away.

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3 Responses

  1. I love the hat! You’ll fit in here in Colorado just fine!

  2. I love hard work projects like that! I hope you don’t get into trouble when he gets back lol

    I’m so far behind I don’t even know who Bird is so I’ll be reading in backwards order here!

  3. Maria Paz June 14, 2012

    California???you should have come and visite ME!! But i understand the huge opportunity too, how fun is to make a big project with no interrumptions to acomplish it! Good job! Make sure you finish so next time you come over here 🙂