Boulder Yard, Stage 2

The haul away:

Stage 2a

What you don’t see here was one of the dumbest things I’ve done in a very long time. Also known as: the day I accidentally gave away my boyfriend’s scooter.


Stage 2a

I posted to Craigslist that I had pulled out some gardening and lawn equipment. It was in the driveway and people could help themselves. When I came back the next day, his scooter — also in the driveway — was gone, along with a bunch of the stuff. Of course I had to call him on his business trip, ridiculously upset and tell him what I had done.

Stage 2a

Thankfully, he is very generous and took it in stride — telling me he’d wanted a new one and not to worry. Nonetheless, I am sick. You’d think I would have learned a lesson or two after the time I accidentally donated all of my mom’s sweaters to Goodwill in the middle of a Phoenix summer. (In all fairness, they were stored in my closet in trash bags and I thought they were marked for donation.) I am apparently very good at giving away other people’s stuff.

This should be on my warning label.

Not my best move.

Stage 2a

However — watching these gentlemen carrying away 2 full trailers and truck loads of the other stuff, leaving a clean slate for a new backyard? A happy moment.