Boulder Yard, Stage 3

June 18th

This post could also be titled:

  • The day after I accidentally gave away the scooter. 
  • The day the slacker landscaper didn’t show up, so I had to mow and weed wack a front and backyard by myself
  • The day I bought a new fabulous amazing weed wacker after spending 2 hours using a faulty tool

Boulder yard Project, stage 3

  • The day I bought a weed wacker and the first thing I wacked was the back of my leg (Be careful out there folks)

Boulder yard Project, stage 3

  • The day I didn’t wear thick enough gloves to weed wack a jungle
  • The day — did I mention this already? — I weed wacked A LOTBoulder yard Project, stage 3

Boulder yard Project, stage 3

  • The day I weed wacked a backyard after paying two men to haul away a ton of nonsense, only to find a pile of new nonsense under the weeds — including, I kid you not, an actual sink. So when I say I found everything including the kitchen sink? Well. Don’t call me exaggeratory.

Boulder yard Project, stage 3

  • The day I refused to give up. Landscaper doesn’t show? Fine. Weed wacker doesn’t work? FINE. GET OUT OF MY WAY MESSY YARD.
  • The day I learned how completely cathartic weed wacking is.

Is “weed wacked” even a thing? Or am I JUST WACKED? I need a drink. Can you tell?

The final reveal — old vs. new yards and a landscaping gift completed:

Boulder Yard Project: before

Boulder Yard Project: before

The viewpoint here is a little wonky. It’s from the kitchen sink, in the kitchen. Those weeds are about waist-high.

And the after:

Boulder yard Project, stage 3

Boulder yard Project, stage 3

And no, to find a class of wine. And possibly a Band-Aid. And hey, if anyone’s seen that scooter or my common sense, I’ll take those too.



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9 Responses

  1. Wow! Well done.

  2. Rest and heal now.

  3. My goodness you have been busy!!! The end results look great and now you have a place to sit down and drink that glass of wine in the great outdoors!

  4. Wow, Kelli! But, I always knew you were amazing!

    Here there is a group that rents out goats to clear yards, even of kudzu. They might even eat scooters.

  5. Sarah H June 18, 2012

    Looks great! I have visions for my little side yard in the fall. However, today starts the time that I can put out my bulk trash items hoping someone will take it away before it gets picked up! All this in preparation for a yard update in the fall so I don’t just have rocks.

  6. I weed sacked my right leg on Friday (first time user as well) so I feel your pain! Yeowch!

  7. Yes, IPAD, weed “sacked” is EXACTLY what I meant. *sigh*

  8. Well done, Friend!

  9. You are a machine, my friend, and what an improvement. Goll-ee. Such a bummer about the scooter. I hate it when that happens. And, I too, have wacked my ankle. Owie!