Bow Wow

January 18th

My brother Cody was in town this weekend for some debauchery with the boys. I was penciled in for lunch yesterday — coincidentally just an hour before he needed a ride to the airport! We did have a nice lunch and I was once again reminded how silly my family is.

When I asked him to take a couple photos with Sydney, he naturally rolled in the grass with the dog and the two began howling in unison:

Syd and Cody

Syd and Cody

Syd and Cody

Syd and Cody

If you aren’t giggling just a little bit at these, I think it is safe to say your sense of humor is on sabbatical.

Syd and Cody

Syd and Cody

cody 008

Man, I love that kid.


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10 Responses

  1. I love your brother!

    Looks fun!

  2. your brother is one of a kind

  3. Lol, great photos!

  4. Cute…both of them!

  5. Cute!

  6. lol cute dog

  7. Ooh Rubios? My fave fast food!

  8. Well, isn’t a dog the man’s best friend?……

  9. Is that your dog?

    I love spending time with my brothers! They are so fun to be with.