Breaker, Breaker: Over and Out!


The pantry is officially reorganized and clutter free. (Before photo here.) I love my new canisters and the red and white gingham liner paper. I also love the baking basket I put together with the things I use most often:Baking Basket

Pantry, AFTER

I filled the picnic basket with cookbooks I rarely use, got rid of jars that needed recycling and reorganized my canning supplies for early summer jam. My CRAFT along 09′ April project is officially complete.

What’s not complete? I have a pot of potatoes on the stove, a bundt pan full of cake batter in the fridge and a raw casserole full of some concoction I am supposed to bring to church tomorrow for brunch after service. Apparently, just as I decided to start cooking this afternoon, one of my breakers went on vacation. Could be because of recent rain, could be just bad luck. Either way, I’m without hot water, have a dryer full of wet clothes that will have to be re-laundered eventually and a fridge full of food I’m hoping won’t spoil before I can hire an electrician Monday morning (coincidentally the same morning I have the largest grant of the year due).

In a not-so-brilliant moment, I went outside in Nancy Drew mode to find and fix this problem myself. I stepped into a puddle, in the dark, and tried to dry off the breaker when I felt a jolt travel up my arm and make my fingers (and heart) jump. The emergency electrician wanted $350 (before parts) to help tonight. I opted for a cold shower and candlelight instead. Maybe just maybe I will wiggle my way into church an hour early and bake away in the kitchen unnoticed. I’ll certainly need resourcefulness and a dash of favor to pull this Easter off with any grace and not arrive empty-handed for a full-dance card’s day worth of celebrations.

Hoping your Easter weekend is passing a bit more gracefully,


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  1. Wow, Kelli, that’s so dangerous! I’m glad all you got was a little jolt. Plus, what a drag about all your unfinished cooking/baking. Despite all that, have a very Happy Easter!

  2. I hope all is not lost! So glad you weren’t hurt!

    This reminds me of the time my oven went out at 9:30 pm the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving one year with several of the in-laws expecting dinner the next day. Fortunately, Wal-Mart was still open and still had turkey fryers and peanut oil. I also scored the most gigantic toaster oven known to man that still haunts my limited counter space.

  3. Aww, Honey. I’m sorry life picked right now to throw you a little extra challenge. If it’s any consolation though, I think you are making ‘lemonade’ like a champ! I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt trying to ‘Nancy Drew’ a solution and your pantry looks gorgeous. Coincidentally, I cleaned my pantry the week before this challenge came out and thus have no ‘before picture’. But it sure does feel good to be able to see everything I have and have all the old spices and food out of there (there was stuff in there that expired in 2006!–oh, the shame!!). Happy Happy Easter my Friend. Big Hugs to you and your adaptability and my fingers are crossed for you on the grant! 🙂

  4. Your pantry looks great. That sucks about your breaker – don’t those things seem to happen at the worst possible times?

  5. That little devil is trying to wiggle into your Easter! Don’t let him get the best of you girl!! I’m glad to didn’t electrify yourself!! We would definitely miss you! Stay safe and Happy Easter!

  6. Yikes – that’s scary, I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt!! Sometimes things pick the worst time to go kaput, don’t they?
    Regarding the pantry – it really wasn’t bad before, but now it looks so cute and more unified (is that the word I want??) somehow. Anyway, great job! We are taking the day off from school tomorrow, maybe I will tackle mine!

  7. Oy. Hope your Easter went off with no more incidents! Even if you showed up empty handed, I’m sure no one would turn YOU away! 😉 So glad you’re safe!

  8. Wow. Scariness. Did you ever watch that horrid show, “Married with Children”? Something about a scene where Bud tells whatever Christina Applegate’s character was to fix the porch light by standing in a bucket of water and holding two wires together…Anyway.

    Your pantry looks lovely! I find it best to keep all the baking stuff together, too.

    I have GOT to get on this project. Soon…

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