Breathing in the Gap

December 28th

The in between week:

Cap for Kelsay

With the celebrations of Christmas behind us and the joy of the New Year still ahead, I look forward to spending the next few days focused on renewal.  Bikram set this mindset on the right foot this morning. After nearly a year of practice, I am getting into new poses and am able to focus on form and breath during class (versus simple survival).  If I could, I’d take Bikram every morning. It seems to get my mood in the right place for the day and my body feels stretchy and happy too.

Cap for Kelsay

I heard a rumor a certain Aussie-African golfer is making his return to the Valley and I’m assuming he’ll be my roommate. The renewal goes well with a deadline; I have many things to sort, organize, clean, and send to Goodwill and Freecycle. If I can give 2010 a label, I hope it is a year of simple joys.

Cap for Kelsay

Less of everything, but that which we decide to surround ourselves with being the highest quality in craftmanship and significance.


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6 Responses

  1. You really do have the best blog posts…

  2. Love your theme for the year! And how fun that your roomie is coming back to stay again! Maybe he can bring some positive news to the golf world. =)

  3. Well put. Less of the unnecessary should only leave the best with us. Blessings into the new year!

  4. Lovely post, Kelli. I’ve been staying off-line for the most part this week and taking time to reflect on the past year and the coming new year. Simpler and quieter are my goals. I’m not even going to set resolutions; instead, I’m going to embrace and celebrate the moments in a more mindful way. That’s my intent anyway.

    Happy New Year, Kelli!

  5. My very best whishes to you and your family for the upcoming New Year, full of joyful moments, good health and so much love!