March 28th

People stop me regularly to ask what Nelson’s breed is. Apparently, “Cute” doesn’t cut it. This past weekend I attended an dog agility event with my friend Sheila. There were dogs galore, including this beauty, Pia:


If I were going to have another dog, she would be it. Her owner was so sweet. We stood outside talking about dogs for a few minutes and she firmly decided Nelson must be a wire fox terrier, like Pia. Let me be clear, I couldn’t care less what Nelson’s breed is. He’s a pound pup who I adore. He could have horns and be purple and he’d still be perfect. That said, wandering a Boulder hardware store this weekend, I ran across the following Welsh terrier calendar:

Nelson calendar

Nelson calendar

Nelson calendar

Nelson calendar

This is Nelson, kinda. In truth, I think he’s likely Welsh/airdale/wire fox terrier mix — a Euro mutt, just like me. Regardless, I miss the little terrorist and can’t wait to be home with him soon.


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  1. Aw, I love dogs. And, lil’ A LOVES puppy dogs too. SO fun.

  2. He is so darling!!!! Hey – I don’t know if you read this blog but I thought of you when I read this post –

  3. I know that this isn’t changing the love you feel, but I guess it’s important to have roots…..