Bribing With Baked Goods

November 12th

baked goods, cooling on the stove

If I were ranking exhaustion, it would go something like this:

College when I was taking 19 credit hours and working full-time, therefore getting about 5 hours a sleep a night and eating 2,000 extra calories a day as a result.

Finishing my last marathon, which was more mentally exhausting than I can explain. In my experience, marathons are about 10,000 times more difficult than a triathlon.

Anytime I travel to Africa or Asia and it takes two or three days to get on the right time and be productive.

Most Fridays at 4 pm or so after a week of work and workouts.

tin of peanut butter cookies

Today I’m currently between orange and red. I’m beyond tired. The Urban Dare caught up to me when Adam and I tried to then run the New Times 10K the next day. Dumb move. We’d bowled the night before (yep, it was an overly-scheduled weekend) and wow am I paying for it today.
I seem to have been born without the ability to recognize my limitations. On a weekend when I had back-to-back races, one would think I wouldn’t start re-painting my condo. Or ordering new appliances and picking up new furniture. Alas, my common sense was misplaced and yesterday after a failed race and legs that were on fire, I sat in the middle of my bedroom throwing a tantrum at my truly horrific painting abilities. Not surprisingly, this morning it all seemed a bit more conquerable. Amazing what a bit of rest can do.
New appliances being delivered this week. New bed being put together tonight. New paint thanks to truly gracious friends who are always supporting me and can be lured into such work with promises of pizza, beer and baked goods. No new races on the horizon.
My week is already off to a good start! Three cheers to us all having a fabulous week,


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20 Responses

  1. Those cupcakes look SO good!!!!! Hope you feel better today! LOL

  2. Oh, my god! Urban Dare sounds like SO much fun! Thank goodness for a bit of rest and good friends. Bring on the baked goods – and I think being born without the ability to recognize your limitations can actually be a GOOD thing.
    Cheers, sweetie!

  3. Here here! Oh, and also: Good Lord! It’s been my experience that sleep makes hugely overwhelming messes so much more manageable, too. I’m very glad that things looked better in the morning. 🙂

  4. Holy cow you get a lot done though! Wowsa. I love bribing friends with pizza, beer & baked goods. 🙂

  5. Yep, it’s pretty amazing how we can fall apart when we’re overtired. New stuff is fun, though!!! Personally, I am looking at the calendar for the next month and starting to hyperventilate. ; )

  6. Oh, I can SO identify with not listening to the tired body syndrome. That’s hilarious that you have a color-coded alert system like Homeland Security! Here’s to a great week.

  7. Pinto Grigio. And I like Green Peppers on my pizza. Maybe some pumpkin ice cream (or left over vanilla if you still have it). I’ll be there NLT 5:30. Be ready to spend the evening dancing, singing and talking.

  8. And excuse my spelling. Apparently I have a a 1970’s failed vehicle stuck in my head. Nothing says classy like a car with safety issues.

  9. I hope you post pictures all your condo updates!

  10. Ditto Ellen!!

    And now, for the health lecture. Girl, you need to slow down! You only get one body, and when it goes, it doesn’t come back to full strength. I want to hear about you rocking tri’s when you’re 80, so give yourself a break…please!

    If I were there I’d help you paint. I am now a self-proclaimed expert, having overseen and painted my new house (the results of which you so kindly complimented). I’m raising a brush in spirit! 🙂 (And some pumpkin ice cream – good call, Rebecca.)

  11. Those cupcakes looks sooo good!

    Get some rest!!

  12. Thank goodness for good friends to rescue you! (It’s also a relief to see you ease up and be human every now and then. You set an awfully high bar for the rest of us.)

  13. Good friends are the best, aren’t they?

    I over did it this weekend, and my body definitely told me. Whenever I don’t get enough sleep, my body shuts down and I get migraines. I then usually sleep for 12+ hours, and then I’m fine again. I’m lucky that my body tells me it’s being overworked, but really, who likes migraines?

    Get some sleep, and rest your body on that new bed!

  14. I’d come all the way from Boston to AZ for a few of those delicious baked goods!! Get some rest woman!!

  15. Wow…. that does sound pretty overwhelming. Thank goodness for good friends!

  16. Whew! I’m tired from just reading all that! Pace yourself. Christmas is around the corner. Nobody wants a cold. Spoken like a true teacher.

  17. You are amazing, but hey! Take it easy girl.

  18. Wow! No wonder you are zonked. Take care of yourself please. We would miss you if you were too tired to blog. 😉

    The goodies look awesome. Hope to see the results from the painting too.

  19. You’re just human Kelli, get used to the idea!………… Just kidding girl, you know you’re my Super Woman Friend! Kisses.

  20. Can’t wait to see all of the new goodies. would you just chill for a minute???