Bright and Green and Pollen Everywhere


I’m sneezing today, more than likely because I bragged to a friend yesterday, “I don’t get allergies. I grew up here.” Muh huh. The puffy face, runny nose and itchiness says one thing loud and clear: Spring has sprung. Spring training games are underway. Lots of pasty white folk from Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan are wandering around in shorts and saguaro-embroidered visors. There are thousands of tiny saffron-hued globes of mesquite pollen fluttering to the ground from aching limbs above.





My garden is in the groove too. Everything is coming up green and shiny.

First tomatoes

Tomato hedge to be teepeed

And wowza, the tomato hedge is running rampant. I read an article in one of my gardening magazines this month about creating bamboo teepees for your plants to climb. This just sounds like more fun that buying another stack of tomato cages. I bought enough for three teepees yesterday, plus a gazillion marigolds to keep the bugs away. I expect to be covered in mud, pollen and allergy fueled tears soon enough.


7 Replies to “Bright and Green and Pollen Everywhere”

  1. Nice! I love to see your stuff growing already.

    Have fun with the teepees! I will be digging mine out and getting them set up for the future pole beans this weekend 🙂

  2. Awww… I wanna be a white-legged midwesterner aimlessly wondering in your fair city! Since I can’t be there, I’ll just leave you with one gardening tip: Claritin!

  3. I know, I know…the tomatoes aren’t even ready yet, but just looking at those green maters on the stem make my mouth water. Enjoy your garden!

  4. Wow, I can’t believe how big your tomatoes are! Here in Portland we can’t even put out our transplants til June!!

    I’d love to see how the bamboo teepees turn out. Next week, I am going to build some wood and string pea trellises with my garden clubs… I just have to remember to take pictures! I always forget my camera when we do cool stuff (like spreading zoo poo last week).

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