Bright! Shiny! SQUIRREL!

February 9th

COAK: knitting roll

{Entry 2: A week of love. Because my headstone will never read, “We Had No Idea How She Felt.”}

Squirrel! has become a new code word in our group for — “ooh, look! Something bright and shiny and I can’t focus for more than two seconds. Wait? Is someone texting me?” It comes from “Up” where the sweet dog Doug can’t focus to save his life when he thinks of his most favorite thing to chase. “My name is Doug and I love you and I just met you!”

What is your favorite thing to chase?

I can be damn stubborn and focused when I want to, but there is nothing like a bright, shiny NEW PROJECT to get me squirrely. I have a wedding quilt sitting on my sewing table that has been in pieces since August. I see the recipients nearly every week and nearly every week I look at the floor before looking at them in the eye because I’ve been hiking, reading, knitting, blogging — just about anything but finishing their quilt. Instead, I’m over the moon excited to create a bunch of new things!

pink scraps

On my squirrel list:

The new Amy Butler clutch. I need this pattern. And I need to make this in gorgeous fabrics for a few of my girlfriends. Right? So, so pretty.

A dating memoir. Never mind I’ve got a lengthy list of edits that will need to be made on Novel 1 for a third (and final?) printing. Or that I’m well into writing the second novel, which was truly gaining momentum when I paid attention to it daily in Malawi. No. What I should be doing is chasing the NEW PROJECT. Having talked about a dating memoir for years over happy hours and dinner parties, watching my friends squirm with delight and anguish. I finally sat down last week to hash out an outline. While it makes more sense to continue with Novel 2, the memoir is so painfully funny and easy to write by comparison. And so, I plod forward with this squirrel.

Never mind that I have Meg’s Christmas present still on my knitting needles, only one skein in (with six remaining. Oy). No! What I should be focused on is this gorgeous pattern by my beautiful friend Kirsten. Really. I need to make one of these. And maybe two. While I’m at it, I’d love one of these. Wouldn’t that be perfect to wear in Colorado?

Colorado. The latest on the bright and shiny list. Still working on it. Getting closer every day to my little country house with a yard full of chickens, a porch full of dog, a greenhouse full of veggies, a pantry full of canned goodness and my sweet Colorado family in my daily life.

Wishing you a day of squirrel, where you can let your focus slide for a moment and enjoy whatever grabs your heart in the moment. Really, wouldn’t life be better if we all were a little more like Doug?


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9 Responses

  1. LOL! My mom and I use Squirrel! all the time in the stores when we get distracted. Mostly by naughty, yummy, treats and shiny things. 🙂 Glad to know we are not the only ones.

    Right now? Seed catalogs are totally making me squirrely.

  2. I am SO right there with you – I have too many Works-in-Progress right now…too distracted by NEW SHINY FUN!!

  3. What is that top photo of? Love those two colors together. 🙂

  4. Brent Bunker February 9, 2011

    Squirrel I like it…oh wait what was that so bright so…..

  5. Dooood. You are so RIGHT!

  6. My friends and just call that behavior “ohh shiny” and sometimes, “sorry… shiny”. Actually we also call small distraction-inducing tech gadgets “Shiney” in a noun-like fashion.

  7. blogging in my squirrel right now! forgetting how much i enjoy it. really should be editing and working, but…

  8. Squirrel! What a perfect way to describe that suddenly-distracted feeling. I’m feeling very Squirrel! about all things exercise & fitness right now… I’m sure that has NOTHING to do with the fact that I’ve been snowed in for days. =)

  9. I haven’t sewn in forever! I love making little girl dresses and my niece is just about big enough for some cute ones so maybe I’ll get my machine out soon.