Bucking the Registry: Giving Homemade

bridesmaid bag, nl

Finished bag, with tag and ribbon key fob inside.

I’m not anti-registry. If anything, I wish birthday registries were socially acceptable because I’d sign up for a long list of practical items at Target I’d love to have, but haven’t yet budgeted for. That said, I’m bored with wedding registries. I like my gifts to be memorable and special. There is nothing special about Pyrex, no matter how much you think of me when making those 10,000 casseroles during your marriage.

pile of wedding bags

All eight, stacked and ready to be delivered.

As of late, I’ve been asking girlfriends who are getting married if I can help them with wedding crafts instead of going the registry route. Did they need anything sewn? Could I create invites or thank you cards?

tagges tied on the bags

I used a couple stamps to create personalized tags for each bag. The bride’s colors are pink and brown. I love the new sepia stamp pad I purchased for this project. It is just the ride shade.

One of my girlfriends will be getting married this fall; I offered to create gifts for her to give to her bridesmaids. Colleen whole-heartedly inspired this notion by the incredible tags she similarly created for a friend’s wedding. I approached the bride and she was thrilled by the offer.

Clasp wristlet for bride

The bride, of course, needs a zipper pouch for her bag. And with a clasp that connects to the key fob inside? Perfect.

I’ve yet to give these to her and the anticipation is killing me. {Fingers crossed she doesn’t read my blog.} This is one of those rare projects where everything came together just right. I had been thinking about the color, design and details for several months before starting. I saved coupons from local fabric shop to get the supplies at a discount. I spread the production time over several weekends so I wouldn’t rush or get discouraged.

zipper cu

This tutorial greatly improved my zipper sewing skills. It is fantastic!
I am tickled pink with the results and can’t wait to give these to the bride this weekend. Yippee!

wristled clasped to bride bag