Bundt Bake-Off: Sonoran Cornbread

Many of you commented on what I should do to make a bundt cake representative of Arizona for that contest I’m entering. Thank you!
After reading the NordicWare web site, I see one of the requirements for entry is — of course — baking in their pans. I have no idea if my pans are the same, but I guess I have to go shopping this weekend. Darn it! I mean, I just hate to shop, especially for new baking gadgets…

My first entry: Sonoran Cornbread


2 packages of Jiffy instant cornbread (I’m being honest. I’m sure when I bake this officially for the contest, I’ll use a from scratch cornbread recipe.)
2 eggs
2/3 cup of milk
1 can of black beans, drained
1 cup of chopped nopal (pickled prickly pear cactus)
1/4 cup of chopped green chiles
1/4 cup of stone-ground yellow corn meal


Preheat your oven to 350F. Spray your bundt cake pan with Pam, or preferably Baker’s Joy. The added flour in this product helps the cake to come out of the pan with one clean flip. Add all of the ingredients to a large bowl.

sonoran bread pre-mix

Mix for one minute, making sure to work ample air into the batter. Holding your batter bowl, gently pour the mixture into the bundt pan, allowing the batter to distribute itself around the pan. Then take a small spatula and slowly work a small bit of the batter up the outside edge of the pan, about one inch. This gives the batter a boost and makes the details of the mold more evident on the finished product. Depending on the depth of your bundt pan, bake 20-35 minutes. Take bundt out of the oven when the bread bounces back after pushing on it slightly. The color should be a consistent golden hue.

Sonoran Bread cu

Let the cake cool in the bundt for 10 minutes. Slowly and carefully run sharp knife around the outer edge. Flip cake on to your serving platter. Let the cake cool at least another 10 minutes before serving. Garnish with fresh cilantro and salsa.
Viola, Sonoran Cornbread.

Bread shared with friends

This sweet, embroidered bread towel courtesy of Atpanda.

On deck: Pistachio Prickly Pear Praline. (I need to work on the name.)


10 Replies to “Bundt Bake-Off: Sonoran Cornbread”

  1. Mmmmmm… I have no idea what prickly care cactus tastes like but those sure look mighty yummy! Are they sweet or savory? If you want to get decadent, you can always use actual butter & flour instead of spray.

    I use Nordicware for my bundt pans [dark & heavy pans] and they are the best. I don’t bother with any other bundt pan. Worth the money!

    Sounds like your off to a fabulous start!

  2. Hey….I like the cornbread idea….I am currently on a covert-ops mission to obtain for you the recipe for my executive chef Jill’s sweet corn torte. (Uh-mazing) I will stop short of torture, but I have enlisted the help of a pair of spies in the kitchen. She has the recipe memorised and will not share it. (An untenable position in the culinary world as far as I’m concerned where sharing is so much a part of the food world ethos, n’est-ce pas?) So here’s my idea for the bundt contest: N-ware Sunflower bundt pan, sweet corn torte batter, pinon-nut marzipan surprise for the center, prickly pear cactus glaze. I still haven’t come up with a recipe for my current home state, California. I’m thinking along the lines of the “livin’ the dream” LA/Hollywood motif, but haven’t hit on any specific ingredients that capture the feeling of that. The star shaped pan would be a must though.

  3. Wow! Sounds amazing and strange at the same time. I may just have to try it out, the hubby loves spicy stuff. We grow habeneros, the carribean red ones… that is how spicy he likes it.

    Let us know if you win!

  4. I love nopales. Cactus with scrambled eggs are yum. In today’s paper there was a recipe for Nopales Salsa. I want to try that, but I’ll use cactus from the Mexican market or the Farmer’s market.

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