Bunny Season

April 6th

Sleeping through lunch.

My friends have started having wee-ones at a lapinian rate. Hip hop. In turn, I’m enjoying trying to keep up with the gifts and celebrations. Scratching my head last weekend and going through my stash of fabric, I realized I had four sweet Gocco squares Lynn sent me quite a while ago. I could certainly put these to use with a few onesies ($8, pack of five) and some embroidery thread. I went through my yarn basket and found one giant spool of kitchen cotton white and spent an additional $4 on two other skeins of Peaches and Cream. Washcloths and new onesies — both fairly easy to create and from my observations, both regularly needed.

Off to Indiana I go!
For sweet baby Mijares.
Ladybugs are sweet for all babies.
For Miss Katie Lou, the resident baby I adore.
Jacob is loved.

Voila — one week later, a series of baby gifts that I dropped in the mail. Being a pseudo-auntie is such a delight. I love watching my friends with their children and seeing who we are becoming. One of my girlfriends somehow manages to balance a successful realty career and three small boys. And she doesn’t just muddle through. She loves it and to watch her with these kids — it is incredible. I ask her regularly after watching her praise/scold/teach one of boys, “How did you know how to do that?” And she just brushes it off and smiles, either too busy or too tired to explain. Amazing, this motherhood thing.

April, week one, 2008 003

When I think of my dreams for the future, one is crystal clear: I know I’ll adopt a little girl from Africa. I can see myself in the orphanage. I’ve got a running list of names. I’ve been putting money away for years to prepare for the fees and flights and craziness of becoming an international adoptive parent. One day I’ll be making these onesies for my little girl. Just the thought gives me goosebumps.
There is something about having all these little ones in my life that makes me want to be better and make me more hopeful than ever.

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21 Responses

  1. Love them all! The packaging with the little “I am loved” pin is precious! Just finished reading both Finny’s and your posts on Santa Fe and we have decided to let the “Santa Fe Effect” take hold. No real plans other than the hotel. Footloose and fancy free!

  2. Aw, great post! So true about young ones being inspiring. There aren’t any in my life right now. Your onesies are perfect and the gocco squares adorable. My favorite is the “mama mama” bird, it’s perfect!

  3. Such adorable gifts! Definitely useful, too. Good Auntie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You’ll make an awesome mom!

  5. “There is something about having all these little ones in my life that makes me want to be better and make me more hopeful than ever.”

    If I were to summarize how being a parent has changed me, that is exactly how I’d say it. They make you want to improve, so you deserve their love.

    Nice post.

  6. darling little onesies.
    looks like you are practising for your little daughter. she will be amazingly dressed.

  7. ..my dream for you includes all those great words you just wrote. those little gifts are just perfect. well done!!

  8. That is going to be the luckiest little girl in Africa..you’re going to be a great mom!

  9. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Yes, these are the feeling you experience when you have kids around, isn’t it wonderful?

  11. These are beautiful! Makes me wish my 1-year-old was a newborn again . . . Though I’m with you – I’m hoping to adopt one of these cute Mozambican baby boys one of these days.

  12. These are perfect gifts!

  13. Adorible onesies! You should sell them.

  14. What a beautiful post, Kelli! Your baby gifts are cute and will be much appreciated. I just know your adoption dream will come true and look forward to sending you a baby gift for your own daughter.

  15. Cute gifts. Babies are precious, indeed. I just can’t get enough of my adorable niece! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. So simple and so sweet. It’s amazing how a small little addition makes the onesie so much better.

  17. Coomer April 7, 2008

    Those are so Cute! I can’t wait for you to meet little Ryan. We are having him baptized at St. Matt’s on the 1st of June.

  18. I totally see you adopting a little girl from Africa. You are one of the most selfless people I know.

  19. What gorgeous outfits you have made up and I just lovvvveeeee those closeups. Just so special of this little one. If only I had little ones again, my photos would be so different.
    Maybe the grandkids in YEARS!!! to come…..

  20. alissa April 9, 2008

    Wow, Kelli! Those gifts are incredible. I just wanted to comment and say that I have the same dream of adoption! Nice to know of someone with a similar hope.

    alissa (a.h. on flickr!)

  21. Fantastic prezzies!

    I think you will make an amazing Mama.